Sharkcookie PRO 10:27pm, 10 December 2008
I have been going through the pool of photos posted here and notice more and more completely off-topic shots. This group was created to share action shots of children. I see the desire to share photos in many groups, but the idea here was to create a group that's not a general one, but specifically about kinds in action. There are so many other groups that are open to all kinds of shots, this group was meant to be different and specific.

I see so many photos here of children just sitting, or eating or just making a funny face. Standard mug shots, even sleeping children have been posted here. Babies in high chairs or car seats, toddlers sitting motionless on a little push car.Those might be all cute, but they are not action shots!

Yes we all love our children and we all love to share their funny and cute moments. But please let's try to keep this group all about action. I have started to remove photos that were way off topic, but I don't have the time to do this on a regular basis.
Tim Pierce PRO 8 years ago
This seems to be an ongoing problem: today's additions like this and this and this, while lovely and even breathtaking, don't seem like action shots at all.

Maybe it would make sense to make the group temporarily moderated so that people can learn by example what the group is for? I know that moderating a group is more time-consuming, but it might only be necessary to do so for short periods of time to keep the group on track.
torgeaux PRO 8 years ago
Hmmmm. I've posted a shot that, at a glance, conforms to this complaint. However, I posted it for a reason to this group, that it was "action" of a different sort, and somewhat ironic.

If there's been a trend toward simply "kid" shots, mine would certainly be a contributor to the trend, and it would in many ways render less effective the purpose of my post. I'll look more closely at other postings in the future.
Sharkcookie PRO 8 years ago
I've been trying to eliminate some of those shots that are obviously non action shots, but it's not an interesting way to spend my valuable time so I mostly gave up on it by now.
elsen8 8 years ago
Perhaps you must get some moderators to help?
Dave's Domain PRO 8 years ago
I am willing to help if I may.
elsen8 8 years ago
Im willing to help too.
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