riyadh88 11:11am, 8 September 2008
Material combination , expiremental, new concept and application this is new line in a row

inspired by computer pxels , crosstiching, mosaic , patchwork , new line in a row is a form of arts need to find more rooms in a world of arts and crafts ,

start from scracth , way back 1993 and by collecting diffent collors of used cloth almost in a garbage i keep it co's i loved to have a colors swatches for my works..
Then my closes almost ful after a long years and still loving to collect
and i try to make my first patchwork by sewing in ordinary machine . Looking for german /American patchwork / And i love doing this thing after that.

After all many freind asking me to have my work even a simple way

then i look for more alternative without using sewing machine but still looks like a patchwork, i start looking for books and l;ooking more arts and application

starting my experiment with a lot of waste and dissapointment , after long years of this expirement

still i dont know on how to called it

but i know this is new line in a row
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