Pixel Mom 4:43pm, 29 January 2007
More a Comment than anything......Isn't it so sad how almost all teen groups on flickr are filled with members who predominantly belong to sexually explicit groups!!!! For instance, flickr teens, flickrteen etc.

Even the newer groups trying to highlight true teen portraits -- are being infiltrated. For example, when doing house cleaning for a newer group -- we found that in a very short period of time 26 of the 53 members were as described above....some with photos of their own--- some no photos, some with a profile -- some without a profile -- believe it or not -- most with NO favorites. Again ----- I think it's just being aware of what's out there. I got chills when I realized that these are only the ones making themselves public in these groups.

I would just love to have a few nice teen groups with members with good intentions sharing photos.

Just FYI - So far these are pretty clear, clean, monitored and/or in the process of housecleaning.

Teen Portraits (housecleaning)
Teen Portraiture
Teen Portraits 9 to 14 (housecleaning)
Tweens & Teens
far-flung chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
I have good intentions. I post my kids in here constantly. I also belong to a few "naughty" groups. Does that make you mad? Do you think I have bad intentions?
Sharkcookie PRO 11 years ago
We all have different standards and ways to look at the world. If would be nice if we try to respect each other as much as possible rather than judging each other based on our own standards.
wayxe 11 years ago
On the other hand, a Teen Portrait (housecleaning) group would be great. I could make my teen look at the pictures of other teens housecleaning and may he would give it a try. LOL I could just not resist that. And many thanks to the admin's who keep these groups going.
Pixel Mom 11 years ago
Diggin -- no it doesn't --- I'm objective about this - really -- I have a concern when a members groups and contributions etc are almost entirely sexual in content and they are have no pics to contribute applicable to a child group they are viewing. I'm open minded enough to know that most men & women have seen Playboy, have probably watched a porn movie and face it -- guys like boobs! I would just prefer they not be my teen daughters.

Sex is a normal part of life --thank god! Of course, there are appropriate venues & place for it. It's all subjective.
Pixel Mom 11 years ago
Ha Ha Ha! Wayxe --- unfortunuately -- I don't think there would be many photos to post in the teen housecleaning group -- at least I wouldn't have any --- too funny!
Pixel Mom 11 years ago
Hey Diggin -- I could be judged for my groups too -- I'm actually a member of "mullet hunters" -- just because I think it's funny! Not because I love mullets or have one! Ha!
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