cool group.

eτi 1:10am, 25 March 2006
don't have much to add yet. my two children are both tucked up in their mommy's belly for now. posted a picture of a friend's baby who at least has a wild look in his eyes - delete it if you think it's not wild enough, i'll patiently wait until my twins get wild.
Sharkcookie PRO 12 years ago
thanks! I think for now its great that we get great shots into the group. Everone is wellcome to invite any good action shots of kids they find.
Quixotic Pixels PRO 12 years ago
I LOVE the idea for this group. I'm continually experimenting with ways to portray the "busy-ness" of my little kids, and find this one of the most challenging things to do. I really like looking at the inspiring examples :)
Sharkcookie PRO 12 years ago
I love to do action shots but you are right it is hard to get good ones. I usually get one out of 50-100 shots that I think it worth uploading. Thank god we have digital cameras today :)
·Ornella . 12 years ago
Cool group... Kids have a lot of energy!
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