nyhistory 9:20pm, 1 February 2009
Bring your digital camera and some loved ones (or not) and join us Valentine's Day Eve, February 13th from 6-8 as we celebrate Wikipedia Loves Art. Admission is free, and we'll probably have some festive sugar cookies.

Please register online beforehand so all you'll have to do is get checked in and start shooting. The lucky winner(s) at the end of the month get membership to the Society and a nifty catalogue from a recent exhibition or collection!

What's not to love? Check out our Wikipedia article and RSVP if you're on facebook.
maisa_nyc PRO 9 years ago
"Photography of objects in the public domain is allowed in the 4th Floor Luce Center only. Shots must be taken in existing light only and no tripods can be used."

Isn't this just going to produce a lot of dark, blurry pictures that aren't very good?

I understand some rules and regulations are needed for general admission, but I don't see the point of organizing a photography-specific event without making any sensible exceptions to the general rule.
nyhistory 9 years ago
I understand and sympathize your concerns, Maisa. Fortunately, many of the items in our Luce Center are housed in cases with very bright light. Hope to see you tomorrow!
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