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  • Wii Friend Codes!

    If you want to make some new Wii friends, please leave your friend code and nick...

    messtiza105 months ago134 replies

  • mario cart anyone?

    i just added everyone to my address book, so here's my #... 0532-0284-8414-8919...

    pookwaxages ago2 replies

  • What's in your Wii?

    I've been playing Super Mario Galaxy but this weekend a friend brought over Resi...

    messtizaages ago24 replies

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Codes!

    For those of you that have Super Smash Bros.Brawl, post your code and add everyo...

    messtizaages ago3 replies

  • Try out

    Hey guys, I'm trying out a new social network for plugs into Twitter...

    marioanimaages ago1 replies

  • Wii Fit!

    Do you have Wii Fit yet? What do you think?

    messtizaages ago3 replies

  • D+PAD Issue 1 Launched

    Apologies if this could be considered spam! Just wanted to give everyone the hea...

    Stuart Leechages ago2 replies

  • metroid prime 3

    i picked this up, feeling rather skeptical about all the raves over the controls...

    marioanimaages ago4 replies

  • is anyone else rawkin' guitar hero III?

    if so, list your friend code and let me know that you added me: friend code f...

    marioanimaages ago1 replies

  • Welcome to Wii Motion! (updated 01/03)

    Welcome! Please feel free to share images of you and your family, friends and en...

    messtizaages ago10 replies

  • Official Nintendo Wii-mote jackets...

    They begin shipping October 15th. Here is some additional info for those of you ...

    unbiased directionages ago0 replies

  • mario strikers charged

    i keep meaning to post this...anyone else playing this? post your friend code in...

    marioanimaages ago5 replies

  • Everybody Votes...Do you?

    At first I thought Everybody Votes was such a waste if Wii Ware but now I look f...

    messtizaages ago5 replies

  • Zelda Gripes

    Yes we all love Zelda, I can't tear myself away. However does anyone else think...

    potatoknishages ago21 replies

  • What are your Wii exercise tips?

    recently tried using both hands with weights with wii tennis and it's been quite...

    superlocalages ago3 replies

  • Games??

    What are everyone's favorite games to play on the WII? I know there's not much ...

    healthy rockages ago11 replies

  • [300] "Bowliiiiin"

    UP DUH DRUNX™ages ago9 replies

  • Bowling Plus / Minus?

    Anyone know the algorithm for Wii Bowling's plus / minus? It's driving me crazy...

    DanielNages ago0 replies

  • Nearly 2000 Wii Motion Pictures

    We are at 1957 Wii Motion submissions so far! We will break 2000 so soon! Wha...

    messtizaages ago2 replies

  • Wii Tennis - play yourself

    Have you tried playing against yourself in Wii Tennis? When you go to play the ...

    grey brassages ago6 replies

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