Jennifer Pinnell 3:54pm, 8 February 2009
I get mine from a Hong Kong seller on eBay.
It's cheaper to buy in bulk. :)
Claire Marie Vogel PRO 9 years ago
Oooh, that's good. I recently got the camera for xmas and it (thankfully) came with a 2-pack. But the stuff isn't cheap is it? Still like $25, which is about what polaroid is going for, except that you can't find it as easily.
MelissaCatherine 9 years ago
Yeah not cheap, but, there is a nice little Lomography store in Manhattan on 8th street, if you're in the area, that sells a 2 pack for $24 I think.
maireadaseacht Posted 9 years ago. Edited by maireadaseacht (member) 9 years ago
I get mine in a local pharmacy - it used to be 12.99 Euro for a single pack (10 shots) but now that's gone up to 15 Euros or thereabouts. So that makes it much dearer than yours.

I meant to say I'm in Ireland.
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
Just found these two bulk deals on ebay, from a seller in Brooklyn:

200 shots for $150 + 7.99 shipping
(79 cents a shot)

400 shots for $300 + 7.99 shipping
(77 cents a shot)

That's almost half what you'd normally pay per shot. Granted I just placed an order so haven't received anything yet. So you can a. take your chances like me, or b. wait until I post back here with my results... :-)
Claire Marie Vogel PRO 9 years ago
Oooh, wow!
maura_ea 9 years ago
I agree that buying in bulk does save money, however for people like me who are still experimenting with the hobby and can't spend $100 on film alone in one go, I found this online store.

They offer free shipping, and so a double pack at $19.99 equals to only $1 a shot, which is the best price I've been able to find outside of bulk buying.

Any physical store chains in the US that anyone is aware of?
aback account [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 9 years ago
In regards to my previous post, I just received my film and everything worked out great. So, go for the ebay deals if you can afford it (or find someone to split with you), otherwise adorama (maura's link above) is great for twin packs.
ellevatormusic 9 years ago
Here in Los Angeles, you can easily up my film at any Samy's Location(they are are also located across SoCal) or Freestyle and Mel Pierce in Hollywood. and i know they sell it at the actual pro camera stores not just online in NY like B&H and Calumet
inetjoker PRO 9 years ago
57NO Photography PRO 9 years ago
I've bought all my film from B&H in NY. It's like $20 for a 2 pack.
aback account [deleted] 9 years ago
i buy it at the shop where i buy my other film. quite a few shops sell it here(taiwan). i even saw one of the mini instax cameras for sale in a department store.
sorrydad PRO 9 years ago
calumet in sf, $20 for a two pack
bearbear7 9 years ago
The cheapest way is from Hong Kong. The postage is also cheaper!
instant satisfaction Posted 9 years ago. Edited by instant satisfaction (member) 9 years ago
unique photo in new jersey, $16.95 for a twin pack.
Maisie Nguyen 9 years ago
inetjoker PRO 9 years ago
Hong Kong is also good as I order it 1 week and the next it is here... 10-20 packs at a time and at about 60 cents a shot.
birdswithbrokenwings 9 years ago
jadeamey 8 years ago
Central Camera in Chicago. About $20 for a 2-Pack. They don't take student discounts on Instax 200, though. :(
On ebay, from hong kong!
2 double-packs, 27€ and free shipping =D
inetjoker PRO 8 years ago
I recently got 10 packs $80.00 from Hong Kong with free shipping.. 0.80 a shot. expires 2011
danmdan 8 years ago
In UK I get 4 packs for 30 GBP from a UK eBay supplier. Anyone get this cheaper, let us know please.
This Is The Sea Posted 8 years ago. Edited by This Is The Sea (member) 8 years ago
I get it from Hong Kong via EBay, fast delivery, great price and it comes wrapped in brown paper with chinese stamps and tied up with string : - )
danmdan 8 years ago
Is there any risk of film coming from the far East being x-rayed on the way in to the US or UK ?
inetjoker PRO 8 years ago
Nope no problem... I have received over 50 packs with no problem.
foregroundjane 8 years ago
I just go to Wolf Camera (as much as I hate the store), it's around $24.00. The prices at all the places I've been are around the same amount.
KINGSTONPHOTO.NET 8 years ago 22 bucks shipped!
sambojambo94 8 years ago
20 for £9.50
so about 50p a shot
aback account [deleted] 8 years ago
Unique photo has them for $15.60/2 pack.
-Midnight Sun 8 years ago
I just bought my first pack of 20 yesterday, Jessops, £16
kateyrib 8 years ago
thanks soo much for that tip
ive orderd some..
i tend to get mine on ebay
usually get about 20 shots for £9...theres a certain seller who pops us from time to time!
Leigh-Harrison 8 years ago
i go on ebay, found deals like a 2 pack for £12.99 free P&P. which is considerably better/cheaper than polaroid film whichs goes for 10 expired shots for £30.
kateyrib 8 years ago
keep an eye on this seller..theyre amazing..£9 for 20..its out of date but works fine, he posts in like a day too!
Valecippi 8 years ago
I'm very lucky, i buy in a store in my town for 0.80€ at shot without shipping and other costs, soo good.
xSeveNx7x 7 years ago
Adorama in nyc had the 2 pack for 17.99
Nate Matos 7 years ago
Pro Photo Supply in Portland, OR, $18 a 2 pack.
amil mdnoor 7 years ago
Rm100 for 2 packs of 20x2.its around $33 in usd..but but in malaysia... ;)
Brock5604 7 years ago
I have checkd everywhere and Amazon is always the cheapest for my instant film!
maireadaseacht 7 years ago
Definitely if you're in the UK or Europe, Mathers of Lancashire are very reasonable.
Gaby J Photography 7 years ago & amazon!!!
maireadaseacht 7 years ago
I think 7day shop are great too.
inetjoker PRO 6 years ago
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