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Jeff* PRO 5:53pm, 10 December 2007
We have the other chronological milestones in the discussion threads such as 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 39 weeks and 52 weeks but none for the very first image we posted to this group. For the folks posting here awhile this is a chance to show off that old, week 1. And for the new members another chance for your early work to be seen.
(small size preferred - it saves on bandwidth and if you're shot is really interesting to someone, they may be more likely to click on it to see it larger...which gets you more views)
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(201 to 300 of 585 replies)
Alright - I'm diving in! Looking forward to this project very much. Here's my week 1.

1/52 Blue
frunt 9 years ago
Here we go then... I'm expecting quite a bit of change over the coming year, so it'll be good to see how it's reflected in the pictures.

1/52: WIN!
Christopherpics PRO 9 years ago
My first week - Aug 19, 2008
Project 52 week 1
Faerie Girl PRO 9 years ago
From 10 long weeks ago...here's my Week 1.
Week 1: Cheap and Easy?
ate.kayla 9 years ago
I'm only on week 4.. but I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks :]

This is my first week.. taken 8/8/08... my 21st birthday!
Week 1/52 - 21st Birthday
I just joined the group although I have been on Flickr for over one year.

Daydreamer (1/52)
...alita... 9 years ago
I'm in week 3 now. This is mt first photo
~Week 1/52~ The beginning
johnny_englander [deleted] 9 years ago
Week 1 just started - here's my first, looking forward to the next 51

52W.1 Simple Smile
Luella De Vil [deleted] 9 years ago
Week 1

Just started. :-)
DreamsOfNyssa PRO 9 years ago
Here's mine. :)

And so it begins.....again
Blacksheep of Omaha 9 years ago
I did 2 years of the 365 project. I think I'll try this now.
Keeping an eye on my contacts
Pagan Publications PRO 9 years ago
well, i guess i'm going to give this a try. not sure i can keep up, or stand my photos. . .

52 weeks:1
☼ Helder PRO 9 years ago
just starting so i wish a happy year to you all :-D

five - two
BonBonMom 9 years ago
This is my first week. Hoping I can keep up with it!

1/52  Mom and Me
Fanboy30 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Fanboy30 (member) 9 years ago

I finished 365 nearly a year ago and vowed not to do it again only because I wanted to concentrate on my other genres of photography. I still find myself taking self portraits a lot and basically have been doing 52 weeks without realizing it so why not.

Here is my first week (last week)

Matt x

Brainwashed This Way
::Creative Captures:: [deleted] 9 years ago
Week 1, just started!

-Speak 4 Yourself-
Ida/FarWestLogbook 9 years ago
I just started today. This is my week 1:

Today I'm fine....
fwibble 9 years ago
Life in the palm of my hand

Oh I started... POORLY!!!

OOH burn!!!!


should be fun though... I HATE taking photo's of me
cathycracks Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cathycracks (member) 9 years ago
down, and up. - week 1

on my week 5.

I find it hard to remember that a week has gone by.
jaymiek 9 years ago
First! This just makes me want to get better.

grilkip 9 years ago
I am getting into the strobist vibe, so I'm using the 52 weeks 'project' mostly to practice off camera flash photography.

52 weeks kickoff
~ Paloma~ [deleted] 9 years ago
This is my first week.
I just joined today :)
Hi everyone!! :) My name is Lena ^_^
flower girl
kate e. moe 9 years ago
Huh, Is That So? by kate e. moe

This was six weeks ago, but it doesn't feel like it!
Brian 'n' Bailey 9 years ago
Taken just today:

Week One - KC Ren Fest
Caressamba Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Caressamba (member) 9 years ago
Week one from me... fingers crossed i can keep it up! I will just post a link for now as i'm not sure about the rules for content (it's nothing controversial, just better in context):
{innocent eyes} 9 years ago
I'm really excited about this project! I was too chicken to attempt a 365 lol :)
It Is You I Have Loved ~ Week 1/52
b*wag PRO 9 years ago
Hello everyone, just started my first week. This should be fun...

1/52: Don'tchu gimme that look!
ardella 9 years ago
1: "I see love in your eyes..."
Noli B-side 9 years ago
Semana 1
Mr_Darling PRO 9 years ago
Here's my first shot. It's not quite 24hrs old yet. Hoping to keep up!
1/52 — "Room in New York"
ThorPhoto 9 years ago
gonna be fun!!!!

Am I a Teacher or a Tester 1/52
Stefan van Poppel Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Stefan van Poppel (member) 9 years ago
And here's mine.. The 365 project is way too much for me, since I don't really like to see myself on a picture. But with 1 a week should it go alright. Hopefully I'm still here in 52 weeks. ;)

hollywalnuts PRO 9 years ago
my first and only so far, hopefully i will still be here in a year as well. :)
52:1 holly of the corn
S(h)inta Posted 9 years ago. Edited by S(h)inta (member) 9 years ago
my First one for this group !
Photography By Barb 9 years ago
I attempted the whole 365 thing about a year ago and failed. I'm going to try this...wish me luck!

1/52:  Waiting
desert-pine [deleted] 9 years ago
Here's mine:

beanser  PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by beanser  (member) 9 years ago
I cheated and made HIM get in the picture too!!

Week 1/52
tridentphotography 9 years ago
Here is my first of (hopefully) 52

Victoria_Phipps [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Victoria_Phipps (member) 9 years ago
here's my 1st shot of 52. in week 3 now - fingers crossed i'll make the year!

1/52 - on the road
Beeeeezzz 9 years ago
My first week was last week. This is soooooo hard! ;-)

TraySee 9 years ago
Week 1.

"Trish" PRO 9 years ago
And here it begins....
I'll try...1/52
Thale Maria PRO 9 years ago
Week one...

(simplysarah) [deleted] 9 years ago
another hopeful.
hopefully my "skillz" will improve, too. :)

ellipsoidal 9 years ago
not sure if i can keep up... but oh well, here goes

1: a little goofy and a bit uncertain
Amanda SG PRO 9 years ago
I'm jumping in as well. Let's see how this goes...

Civic Duty of Exercising My Rights - 1/52
Matador the First PRO 9 years ago
1/52 – I voted.
1/52 – I voted.
musicmuse_ca PRO 9 years ago
This Morning
TKOEd X 9 years ago

And a away we go.
aquieu 9 years ago
zeon7 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by zeon7 (member) 9 years ago
My proper start.

Waiting for Sleep - 52 Weeks Reset | 1:52
darkwood67 PRO 9 years ago
I just posted week 2's portrait, this was my first
struck by the cloud (1/52)
M.C. Adams 9 years ago
The first one. Hope you like it.

self portrait 1 of 52
ardella Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ardella (member) 9 years ago
My first week:
1:52 - "I see love in your eyes..."
Éireannach 9 years ago
1:52 Bah Humbug
escapeisathand 9 years ago
Phillip Munafo PRO 9 years ago
Day 135 - Week 1
Just started yesterday...woohooo!!
This is me...W1/52
Lisa0701 9 years ago
Week 1/52:   31 years  young
Here's my first week, looking forward to 51 more !
1:52 Hard at work by the.approximate.photographer
C. Elle 9 years ago
olivia house 9 years ago
1/52. Everything's so wrong and I don't belong; I'm living in your precious memory. by olivia house
.rachh. 9 years ago
Yay! Week one!

In the breeze...
Heisiy [deleted] 9 years ago

wnd.andreas 9 years ago
here is my week one pictures
W01/52...and again only for Fun


PS: please keep in mind, im not a photoshop expert
juicowski 9 years ago
here's my first:

[1/52] Christmas time is here ... by juicowski
Julie Marques 9 years ago
Finally. Not the best but as a start...

1/52 Away.
a1vin.e3 [deleted] 9 years ago
Here's mine... though am on my second week...

1/52 WSP - Just Me
chicagogeek PRO 9 years ago
-juliet 9 years ago
.k.a.t.e. [deleted] 9 years ago
Week 1-- Reflecting.

Just started this week and here is my first photo. I'm not quite used to taking pictures of myself, but I'm determined to make it through the year. :)
Margaret Stranks PRO 9 years ago
uploading last night's New Year's Eve photos
Hopefully the quality will improve as I go along - but don't count on it!
DaisyCat77 9 years ago
Figure out flash
melodramababs PRO 9 years ago

I've done 365 in the past so I'm not new to self-portraits. Didn't want to commit to a full year. but once a week? I'm in!
Jason.Icker 9 years ago
Here is my first shot. Plain and simple.. Hopefully they get more creative
Self Portrait 1/52
Jeff Panganiban 9 years ago
my week 1

patchworkbunny PRO 9 years ago
Beginnings by patchworkbunny
→ Andrew 9 years ago

no. 1
vnz 9 years ago

JSchoeck 9 years ago
Starting on the last day of the first week of the year.

Hi all and good luck with your projects!

Week 01 - My Canon EOS 1000D (by JSchoeck)

stuff the turkey, where's the booze ?
Windy Pixels 9 years ago
3: Dual Clocks
I almost forgot an SP this week! Luckily, I did take a photo with me in it.
30♥ish PRO 9 years ago
Week 1
JeSuisAndy 9 years ago

My first week, I just started :D

Week 1/52: Listen to my soul by ilovestrawberries (Carmi)
AdrianDC Posted 9 years ago. Edited by AdrianDC (member) 9 years ago
week 1

if i can stay with this for an entire year, then maybe ill try 365. I really hope I can do this!
hrw worcester 9 years ago
"(1/52) Change in the Weather" by hrwworcester [?]
(1/52) Change in the Weather

I finished 365 Days in November and while I sort of missed the project, I really was so not interested in doing it all over again. So, figured once a week would be easier - my plan is to take a photo every weekend for the year. I figured saying just one a week would be too easy to lose track of whether I had to take one still or not, and limiting it to one day only (like Mondays) would be too easy to miss or would lead to lousy photos if one was a really busy day. So, "Weekends with Heather" was born. :-)

Hope to be able to follow along with some of y'all this year - that was definitely one of the best parts of 365 Days for me!
nebbsen 9 years ago

A lot of photoshop in this one to get the joker effect - i hope this one counts ;)
m.christine 9 years ago
For Anaya (1/52)

I'm really nervous about the 52 weeks! I don't see how I can do 52 creative things with myself! but then, that's my goal - push myself into new thing!

(I'm doing a version of the 365 project, but it's the non-self portrait version)
Dr.Doo 9 years ago
here's my first ....RIP Tomas

R.I.P Tomas

there is a companion photograph that introduces Dr.Doo to flickr but i've had to make it a moderate picture... my original plan of making a diptych for my first 52 went a bit awry due to the subject matter sadly.
korrileigh04 9 years ago
Hello! I did 2 straight years of 365 that ended in August. Decided the new year was time to do more disciplined SPs, but had no interest in every day again.

Here's my first:

"No business like snow business / Week 1" by sadandbeautiful (Sarah) [?]
No business like snow business / Week 1
Margaret Stranks PRO 9 years ago
Very uncreative, but at least then there's room for improvement!
uploading last night's New Year's Eve photos
GirlReaction PRO 9 years ago
jacobophoto 9 years ago
First one ever -- hope to keep it up.

sobralamagia 9 years ago
(Week 1) Tú acercándote a mi pelo, tú y tu mirada otra vez by sobralamagia
Ana OP 9 years ago
First week!
~ Paige ~ PRO 9 years ago
My week 1 :)

Saturday mornings ~ 1/52
PinkNinj4 PRO 9 years ago
01/52 New Year morning, 2009. - Walking into the new dawn

My week 1 - Just starting out. ;)
-JML- 9 years ago

Jumping in for the new year, here is week 1:

The beginning...  Week 1 / 52
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