Styrge 8:13pm, 11 April 2009
This is challenge so suitable for Flicr users: nuclear power plants emit radiation from their ventilation system which can be seen with some image manipulation from a footage taken in suitable conditions. It's would be clearly visible for a naked eye also in case the disturbing industrial light was out.

Mechanism is the same as in northern lights: secondary reaction from radiation which sends out characteristic light from oxygen (red) and nitrogen (blue) molecules. Resulting pink/magenta. So it IS stella polaris out of a nuclear power plant. Steam cooling towers cover it up so try with ones by the sea, with a distinquishable ventilation pipe.

There is not coming smoke, steam or even heat out. Just neutrons, ions, radioactive isotopes and delayed gamma along room temperature air.

Our background radiation has multipliet already so this is not just a freaky phenomenon, but an important verification on how this threat has been obscured by nuclear power industry. Physicists (like Einstein) predicted in the beginning that this is going to be a problem in the future...

A have uploaded two example shots here and there is more on my website:
AluminumStudios Posted 7 years ago. Edited by AluminumStudios (member) 7 years ago
All those photos show are the JPG artifacts in the photos bro.

If there was radiation coming out of nuclear plants, it would easily set off Geiger counters (which can be picked up cheaply off ebay), and everyone would know about it and be screaming foul at the nuclear industry. That isn't the case. Radiation isn't something you can pour out visibly detectable amounts of and get away with for long.

You need to study about radiation some more before trying to push misinformation off on people who may not know better.
jcox10 7 years ago
I call BS on this also.
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