thespeak 9:42pm, 14 April 2006
This thread is intended for those who didn't get the feedback they expected. If you need more feedback please add your pics to this thread.

Please begin your post with "Didn't get 3" if you are missing comments.

I would also like to invite folks who feel like they need more specific feedback than the three comments they received to post here. For these folks, please begin your post with Need more help AND say what extra feedback you are looking for. This is for folks who may have gotten three comments, but onl receievd comments like "nice shot!" or "I like this one."

Paste the small size of your images in your post like this (and, no these aren't here because I need more feedback:P):

fusaka 12 years ago
Didn't get 3
Grondin Part 3
Grondin Part 2
Dead Air 11 years ago
My latest set only got 1 comment, so obviously some people really aren't following the rules here. That sucks.
hedgiecc 11 years ago
Dead Air I totally agree with you, given that the whole purpose of the group is to get comments. Not great that people post without commenting on others at all.
Dead Air Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Dead Air (member) 11 years ago
Didn't Get 3

It's happened again too. Thanks leila1225 & elmshire for actually following the rules. The other people who posted sets expecting comments without giving them - study up on the Golden Rule!
thespeak 11 years ago
Thanks Dead Air! I'm on it this time.
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