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Finding the HOBBIT's door in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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addadada says:

"We really want to see the HOBBIT'S DOOR in Golden Gate Park." , said visiting Emory College Professor Stephan Hamann and his sister ANNA when asked about their priority San Francisco tourist attraction.

Apparently the HOBBIT's MAGICAL DOOR is an internet sensation, as well as, on news stations throughout the world. Stephan & Anna knew EVERYTHING about it..."We love that people leave notes for the elf in his house.", he said.

So of course, their wish was ADDA's 'command', and ,for sure, mix fairies, elfs, HOBBITS and ADDA, something was bound to happen.

And boy did it.

Apparently there are many of the tree hollows amongst the trees at the Bandstand in Golden Gate Park. So, we went to many of them, looking for the magic elf door. Just like ALICE IN WONDERLAND, we went to several trees looking for the enchanted hovel.

After a few false finds of empty holes, err homes , ANNE yelled, "We found the HOBBIT'S MAGICAL DOOR!", and ADDA came running.

Yes, there it was! The little wooden HOBBIT DOOR with it's miniature door handle, bolted to the bottom of a dry scraggly tree.

Then out of the corner of our eye , we saw a young child & his father quietly walking towards us and the door. Clearly, a zen master for one could feel his peaceful vibe. The child got down on his knees and then his stomach, sprawled out on the sand, he knocked on the HOBBIT's DOOR. .

No one answered.

"Shhh. I think he's inside." , said the child.

Well, the smiles just broke out on our face over hearing that sweet innocent declaration. The dad looked proudly at his son. Slowly, the boy opened the magical door where there were many rocks, buttons, and precious notes of white paper.

The child was all a glow with the mysterious little wooden door.

"Ohhh. No one is there. The fairies must be hiding ." , he sighed.

"Who do you think made the door?" , ADDA asked the youngster.

"I know who. It was the fairies, elfs, my dad, and me, RIO.", was the calm response.

You so know my smile went even bigger than usual. And, smiling, I looked at the zen dad, who said, "It's a secret. Yes, it's true. I made the HOBBIT's MAGICAL DOOR with the help of my son, RIO, and a team of fairies who guided me."

Ok. Stop story. Stop heart. Stop brain. and ADDA DADA says, "W-h-a-t? Are you the HOBBIT's MAGIC DOOR carpenter?"

" Yes, I'm TONY POWELL. My son, RIO, and I, along with a flutter of magical fairies made this HOBBIT's DOOR." , he gently responded.

Ok. Stop story. Stop brain. Stop heart. LIKE WOW! ADDA DADA and friends go to GOLDEN GATE PARK specifically to find the HOBBIT'S MAGICAL DOOR and, not only do we find the MAGICAL DOOR, we find the MAGICAL MAKER of the HOBBIT's MAGICAL DOOR.

ZEN TONY and ADDA DADA chatted while ADDA also took photos and video of this enchanting encounter.

And then ZEN TONY whispered, " I have a secret. The San Francisco Parks Commission, myself, my son, RIO, & the fellow of fairies & elfs are in talks to make more LITTLE MAGICAL HOBBIT's DOORS for all the little special elf and fairy homes in this area. After all, wouldn't you agree that all the magical elfs & magical fairies need little magical hobbit doors on their homes? "

Sometimes life is dreamily magical...
11:35PM, 13 April 2013 PST (permalink)

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