Only 12 a day

fox2mike 6:55pm, 20 May 2007
When I try to send photos to the pool, Flickr says only 12 photos a day are allowed. Is there a limit?
caribb Posted 11 years ago. Edited by caribb (admin) 11 years ago
I've been setting a limit but it will vary. Every pic that's uploaded is entered into the discussion data bases so when there are a lot of new pics I up the limit so I can catch up with everyone. It takes a while to enter them especially if a couple of people add in say 15 or 20 each.. or if they don't tag their pics and I have to do it each of which can be time consuming. However once I've caught up I generally undo th elimit or just leave it at 12. I'll be overseas in Europe shortly so I'll likely leave it at a very low limit. My co-administrator hopefully will help out but it's hard for him to find time. So you'll see the limit if there is one when you upload any pics. Thanks again for adding in your photos :)
fox2mike 11 years ago
Ah. I see :) Dang, I've got a huge pile of tagged photos waiting to go into the group!
caribb 11 years ago
Hey that's great to hear.. good to see we got a great contributor from Singapore!
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