teemus 12:49pm, 26 March 2007

Amazing photographs out here, no doubt. But I guess all of them aren't tagged appropriately. It'd be great if everyone can tag each photo posted here with the following information, so that searching for particular airplanes is easier.

1) Registration number of the aircraft
2) Airport code of the location where it was spotted
3) manufacturer
4) model number

One can use for finding out (3) and (4), given (1).

Thanks and cheers,
caribb Posted 11 years ago. Edited by caribb (admin) 11 years ago
Thanks for posting this Sumeet, it's a very helpful suggestion. When I'm adding the registration to the lists I try and fill in the tags wherever needed but of course it's a lot easier if it's already done. At minimum though the aircraft registration number should be tagged. If you really aren't sure I can try and figure it out for you but I will delete any pics if I cannot get some sort of identification for the plane. So don't be offended if I do, it's never beause of the quality of the picture rather only because in the end I'd like each picture posted to have at least one plane in it where we can identify the registration number. If you have a series of pictures of the same plane and some don't have a means to identify it but it's obviously from the same series that's ok we can identify it by association then.. but overall I must congratulate evryone for being very diligent in this and also for the nice pace at which you are posting.. it'sbeen surprisingly easy to keep up with you and best of all it's just great to get the input from all over the world.. especially Australia, India, the Maldives, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and the USA.. all we need is some spotters or more spotters in South America, Africa the Middle East/Gulf Region, Russia and a few other key places in Europe and North America and we'll be flying even farther.. so thanks again. :)
teemus 11 years ago
I'm working on a Greasemonkey script that looks for the registration number amongst the tags for each photo in this pool, and links to the details of that aircraft on It'll make looking up details much more easier.
albspotter 11 years ago
Such a script would be really great. Thanks in advance :-)
teemus Posted 11 years ago. Edited by teemus (admin) 11 years ago
Alright, I am done with the first cut of the script. Hit , and then see it working on

The script only kicks in for photos viewed off this pool.

Notice the "Details" link next to the registration number(s) tags.

Props to t3min4t0r for helping out with the script.
Speedy_MSD PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Speedy_MSD (member) 10 years ago
There has been discussion in another group about a machine style set of tags for aircraft photos, see this discussion in the Aviation group. Any additional ideas welcome.
For aircraft tagged this way see this search
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