Track them!

╚ DD╔ 3:19am, 29 December 2006
post a picture of an aircraft and try to spot the same aircraft in another location at a later date. use small sizes.

Registration: RP-C2956
RP-C2956 Learjet 60
Michael Rehfeldt PRO 12 years ago
What about same location but different date?

╚ DD╔ 12 years ago
wud be gud but after someone else has spotted it from a different location wud be more interesting.
Speedy_MSD PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Speedy_MSD (member) 12 years ago
I was thinking you meant flight tracking like this!
Vidiot PRO 11 years ago
JA8915 at Narita, and at O'Hare.
Vidiot PRO 11 years ago
I shot N592JB last month at RIC, and this month at JFK.
SpotlightKid 11 years ago
@Speedy MSD : Great web site re Track It.
Go to - Software Section - for PhoBase© Aircraft Database with Registration Database (Beta) for how I track Registrations and Aircraft Images.
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