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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

The following is a list of airline registrations based on the photos uploaded into the database of airliners from Africa

Some reference tools to confirm or enhance your registration;
List of aicraft registration code prefixes
List of world airlines in Wikipedia
List of world airports in Wikipedia
List of civil aircraft in Wikipedia

Algeria, الجزائر

-----Air Algérie (AH)-----

AH A330-200
Air Algerie A330-200 - 7T-VJX (ORY)
Air Algerie A330-200 - 7T-VJZ (ORY)

AH 737-200
Air Algerie 737-2D6(C) - 7T-VES (BRU)

AH 737-600
Air Algerie 737-6D6 - 7T-VJS

AH 737-800
Air Algerie 737-8D6 - 7T-VKB
Air Algerie 737-8D6 - 7T-VKC
Air Algérie 737-800 - 7T-VJM
Air Algerie 737-8D6 - 7T-VJN

AH 767-200
Air Algerie 767-3D6ER - 7T-VJG

Botswana / Lefatshe la Botswana

-----Air Botswana (BP)-----
Air Botswana ATR-42 - A2-ABP (JNB)

Cape Verde Islands / Cabo Verde

-----TACV (VR)-----
TACV 757-200 - D4-CBG (MUC)

Djibouti, جيبوتي, Ǧībūtī, République de Djibouti

Private 727-114 J2-KBA (MLE)
Private (ex- Air Canada, Teebah & IRaqi AW) 767-233(ER) - J2-KCN (BWN)

Egypt, جمهورية مصر العربية, Jumhūriyyat Miṣr al-ʿArabiyyah

-----Egyptair (MS)-----
Active Fleet
A320-200 - 12
A321-200 - 3
A330-200 - 7
A340-200 - 3
A300B4-203F - 2
A300-600F - 2
737-500 - 3
737-800 - 1, on order - 11
777-200 - 5
EMB-170 - on order - 6

MS A320
Egyptair A320-231 - SU-GBD (AMS)
Egyptair A320-232 - SU-GCA (MUC)

MS A330-200
Egyptair A330-200 - SU-GCJ (ORY)

MS 737-500
Egyptair 737-566 - SU-GBK

MS 737-800
Egyptair 737-866 - SU-GCM (FRA)
Egyptair 737-866 - SU-GCN (FRA)
Egyptair 737-866 - SU-GCO (BFI)

MS 777-200
Egyptair 777-200 -SU-GBR (YUL)
Egyptair 777-266ER - SU-GBY (JFK)

-----Shourk Air-----
Shoruk Air A320-231 - SU-RAA (FRA)

Ethiopia / ye-Ītyōṗṗyā

-----Ethiopian Airlines (ET)-----
Active Fleet
727-200 - 1
737-200 - 1
737-700 - 5
757-200 - 6
757-200F - 2
767-200 - 3
767-300 - 6
Twin Otter - 3
F50 - 5

KQ 737-700
Ethiopian 737-760 - ET-ALN

KQ 757-200
Ethiopian 757-260ER - ET-AKF
Ethiopian 757-231 - ET-ALZ

KQ 757-200F
Ethiopian 757-260F - ET-AJX

Kenya / Jamhuri Ya Kenya

-----ASA African Safari Airlines-----
ASA A310-308 - 5Y-VIP

-----Kenya Airways (KQ)-----
Active Fleet
737-200 - 1
737-300 - 4
737-700 - 4
737-800 - 1, on order - 3
767-300ER - 7
777-200ER - 3, on order - 2
787 - on order - 6 del. 2010
Sab 340 - 2
EMB-170 - on order - 3 del. mid 2007

KQ 737-700
Kenya Airways 737-7U8 - 5Y-KQG (NBO)

KQ 767-200
Kenya Airways 767-36N(ER) - 5Y-KQY (NBO)

KQ 777-200
Kenya Airways 777-2U8(ER) - 5Y-KQS (AMS)
Kenya Airways 777-2U8ER - 5Y-KQT (AMS)

Libya, ليبيا‎,

Afriqiyah A320-214 - 5A-ONA

-----Buraq Air-----
Buraq Air 737-8GK - 5A-DMG (AMS)
Buraq Air 737-8GK "Benghazi" - 5A-DMH (SEA)


----------Air Mauritius----------
Air Mauritius 767-23B(ER) - 3B-NAL (BWN)

Morocco / المملكة المغربية

-----Atlas Blue (8A)-----
Atlas Blue 737-4B6 - CN-RMG
Atlas blue 737-4B6 - CN-RNA
Atlas blue 737-4B6 - CN-RNC
Atlas blue 737-4B6 - CN-RND
Atlas blue 737-4B6 - CN-RNF

-----Royal Air Maroc (AT)-----
Active fleet
A321-200 - 2
737-300 - 6
737-800 - 11
ATR-42-300 - 2
747-400 - 4
757-200 - 2
767-300ER - 3
787-8 - on order - 4

AT A321
Royal Air Maroc A321-211 - CN-RNY

AT 737-500
Royal Air Maroc 737-5B6 - CN-RMW
Royal Air Maroc 737-5B6 - CN-RMY
Royal Air Maroc 737-5B6 - CN-RNH

AT 737-700
Royal Air Maroc 737-7B6 - CN-RNL
Royal Air Maroc 737-7B6 - CN-RNM
Royal Air Maroc 737-7B6 - CN-RNR
Royal Air Maroc 737-7B6 - CN-RNV

AT 737-800
Royal Air Maroc 737-8B6 - CN-ROA
Royal Air Maroc 737-8B6 - CN-ROL

AT 767-300
Royal Air Maroc 767-36NER - CN-RNT
Royal Air Maroc 737-8B6 - CN-ROB
Royal Air Maroc 767-328(ER) - CN-ROG


-----Air Namibia (SW)-----
Air Namibia A340-300 - V5-NMF (FRA) also flew as D-AIMF for Lufthansa
Lufthansa A340-311 - D-AIMF (YUL) Note: now flying for Air Namibia as V5-NMF ex-AF, ex-SN


-----Government of Nigeria-----
727-200 Government of Nigeria - #001 (JNB)

Sosoliso MD-82 - 5N-BII

----------Virgin Nigeria (Canadian Reg)----------
Virgin Nigeria 767-3Y0ER - C-GGFI (YUL)

Air Senegal 737-7EE - 6V-AHU (ORY)

South Africa

-----SALFly Cargo-----
CTA Espace Aviation (SALFlyCargo) DC-8F - 9Q-CTA (JNB)

-----SAA AIrlink-----
SAA Airlink Jetstream 41 - ZS-NRJ (JNB)

-----South African Airways (SA)-----
Active Fleet
A319-100 - 11
A340-200 - 6
A340-300 - 6
A340-600 - 9
737-200 - 1
737-800 - 21
747-400 - 8

SA A340-600
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNA
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNC
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNE
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNG
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNH
South African A340-642 - ZS-SNI

SA 737-800
South African 737-8S3 - ZS-SJA (JNB)
South African 737-844 - ZS-SJS (JNB)

SA 747-200
South African 747-244B - ZS-SAN (AMS)mothergrinninbird

----------South African Express----------
South African Express CRJ-200BER - ZS-NMJ (JNB)

Tunisia / تونس,

-----Karthago Airlines-----
Karthago Airlines 737-33A - TS-IED (CWL, ORY)
Karthago Airlines 737-3Q8 - TS-IEF (WAW)

-----Nouvelair Tunisie-----
Nouvelair A320-214 - TS-INB (STR)
Nouvelair A320-214 - TS-INC (STR)
Nouvelair A320-211 - TS-IND (STR)
Nouvelair A320-211 - TS-INF (STR)
Nouvelair A320-211 - TS-INI (STR)
Nouvelair A321-211 - TS-IQA (STR)


-----Sevenari (ex-Tunitner)-----
Sevenair CRJ-900 - TS-ISA

Tunisair A319-114 - TS-IMK (MUC)

Tunisair A320-211 - TS-IMC (ZRH)
Tunisair A320-211 - TS-IMF (DUS)
Tunisair A320-212 - TS-IMH (ZRH)
Tunisair A320-211 - TS-IMI (FRA)
Tunisair A320-211 - TS-IMN (ORY)

Tunisair737-6H3 - TS-IOL (ZRH)
Tunisair737-6H3 - TS-IOM (ZRH)
Tunisair737-6H3 - TS-IOP (ZRH)

Tunisair A300-605R - TS-IPA


Safair L100-30 (UN Livery) - ZS-JIZ (JNB)


-----DAS Air Cargo-----
DAS Air Cargo DC-10-30(F) - 5X-JCR


-----Air Zimbabwe-----
Air Zimbabwe 767-2N0(ER) - Z-WPF (SIN)

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SpotlightKid says:

Good Idea. I will peruse my images and post em with the required details
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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

Thanks very much! Remember to only post pics where we can read something (Registration Nr ideally, or wheel/tail number) to identify the aircraft. Add the registration number to you tags so others can fid it if they search for a match. You contributions are much appreciated especially from Africa!
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SpotlightKid says:

Some Information as to which Airlines operate in Southern Africa :
"1Time" Fleet Types DC-9, MD-80, MD-82, MD-83
"Air Botswana" Fleet Types ATR-42-500, BAe-146, Beechcraft 1900
"Air Namibia" Fleet Types A340-300, MD-11, B737-200, Beechcraft 1900, C208 Grand Caravan, Reims Caravan II
"Air Seychelles" Fleet Types B767-300ER, Shorts SD 360, DHC-6 Twin Otter
"Air Zimbabwe" Fleet Types B767-200ER, B737-200
"Airlink" Fleet Types Jetstream 41,Embraer 135
"British Airways Comair" B737-200, B737-300, B737-400
"Interair South Africa" B727-200, B737-200
Interlink Airlines" B737-200, EMB 120, Gulfstream III, DC-9, HS 125
"Kulula.com" MD-82, B737-200, B737-400
"Nationwide" B737-200, B737-500, B727-100, B727-200, B767-300
"SA Express" CRJ 200 BER, DH Dash 8, DH Dash 8 Q 400
"Safair" A300-B4, ATR72-500, B727, B737-200ADV, B737-400, B737-800, Hercules C-130, MD-80
"South African Airways" A319-100, A340-200,A340-300e, A340-600, B747-400, B737-200 S, B737-800
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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

SpotlightKid - thanks for the great info :) I added in the 737-200 to SAA's fleet list. Just for your curiosity Air Namibia's A340 is the same aircraft that was used on the Munich-Montreal run for a few years by Lufthansa. There were planespottters here that were sad to see it leave the city. (Yes we are a nerdy lot LOL)
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SpotlightKid says:

Rgr. A local aviation magazine (South Africa) named "SA Flyer" has an active Registrations Guru who can trace back aircraft appearing in the skys around africa - info like who owned, registered as, serial numbers, re-use of local ZA registrations and so. I wonderful source of information relating to the physical movemnet of aircraft. www.saflyer.co.za is the site but does not have too much going for it at the moment, I believe the site is still under development.
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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

Ok thanks very much. You posted a photo of a DC-8F with salflyer.com (or was it just saflyer.com?)on the side of the plane. I was unable to track down the registration. I wonder what the connection was to this site? the site doesn't exist anymore.
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SpotlightKid says:

Ok. I just checked Saflyer.co.za and .com and it seems to have vanished. I will check with the publishers as to what happend to the site.
Could you give me the lick to DC-8F image? I will check it out too.
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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

The name on the plane was salflyer.com. Here's the link;

It has a wheel wheel registration so it is identifiable. None of the sites I've tried so far has come up with anything. Thanks for helping.
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SpotlightKid says:

Ok. I have loaded another view of the DC-8. Registration is in view. Also the C-130 of Safair leased to the UN with a ZS registration. The web site is SalFlyCargo.com
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caribb is a group administrator caribb says:

Thanks very much. I don't see DC-8s very much any more. They were interesting airplanes, lots of noice and smoke in the early days.
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