scribblegurl 3:59am, 2 January 2008
This group is for creativity inspired by the Whedonverse. I would prefer it to be all self-portraits playing on his various series, but I realize that those are hard and time-consuming to do, so I also accept self-portraits of you holding up something you're proud/psyched to have. Or in a pinch, you with one of the 'verse's actors, so long as that isn't overdone (ie. you post ONE image with YOU in the picture). I also happily accept tableaus you have created with your Whedony action figures.

What this really isn't a group for is pictures of stars or cons or book signings or just your coolest Whedon prop you made or bought or found. While I respect images taken of Whedon series stars and memorabilia, this is not a group for them. There are lots of other Whedon-based groups for those. I started this group for more creative endeavors (ie. silliness or art). If you create a digital drawing of something or a collage, you can post it here, I think, but please drop me a flickrmail and let me know it's something you actually created in a graphics program, and isn't a screen capture of someone else's work or an online gaming world/community. And I'm iffy on the avatars, frankly. But collages are probably cool. I reserve the right to change my mind.

I realize we all love our Whedon, and perhaps a tad obsessively! I wanted to fill a different niche on flickr than the other groups already there, and that's why these "rules" are in place, and why I clean the pool and delete things from time to time. Please don't take it personally, and feel free to drop me a line and ask why. I may very well decide I was a dork and change my mind. :)

See you in the world.

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