samatwitch 7:27am, 17 January 2012
Best of birthday celebrations to one of the funniest, lovingest, caring women I have ever met - even if only briefly in person. Your love for zeitgeist and little D - and new baby girl-to-be - radiates out to the rest of the world and makes me feel the warmth.

May this be the best birthday ever, surrounded by friends and family, loved ones all. Good health, good food, and good friends to share your birthday jubilee and the rest of this awesome year.
zeitgeist_1975 5 years ago
Happy birthday, my dearest love! Wishing you so many great things in the years) ahead. I would totally marry you again :). You are, and I know it sounds like a cliche... my best friend, my one true love and the best partner I could ever hope to wish for. You are also an incredible parent and the most generous and loving person I know. Best, you. Mh.
FireflyFlanatic 5 years ago
Ahh, that is such a lovely post Zeitgeist!! Happy Birthday Barest, a little late but better late than never!
palehorse 5 years ago
Yes, an ahhhh is certainly called for. What lovely sentiments, Z. Barest, you are one of the luckiest people on earth to have such a loving hubby. I hope you had a wonderful birthday (and I'm sure Z made certain that you did)!
Madhatter_ 5 years ago
Happy birthday, Barest! They certainly broke the mold after you were made and we adore our one-of-a-kind-special gal. Wishing you a wonderful day and give that z fellow a hug!

Gosh, you two still plant a smile on my face! Happy Day!
samatwitch 5 years ago
Maddy, Happy New Year! Are you back in the country or just checking in?
Madhatter_ 5 years ago
And a happy year to you, samatwitch! Yeah, I'm back in court, what I win? Gosh, I so missed you'll!
FireflyFlanatic 5 years ago
Hi Maddy!!! Glad you're back!!
Madhatter_ 5 years ago
Hey, bl :)

So, where's that littl' smidget, girl shouldn't miss her own party.
samatwitch 5 years ago
She's been busy celebrating all week - having a true birthday jubilee!
Madhatter_ 5 years ago
Trying to imagine the look on zeitgeist's face when he gets the credit card bill....eck!

Speaking of which, we may need to get one of those shocker jobbers in the room, you know, an AED. May provide useful in the room, to zap a person.

I'm so evil....
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