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barest_smidgen 3:17pm, 15 November 2006
Hey guys. Please pardon the self-posting, but this seemed like it might be an okay place to fill you in on some news. So many of you from W-esque were so much a part of the early days of the relationship between Damon and me that started with a silly back and forth on the black. I've said it before, and I'm sure many of the newer members around here can attest to as well: being a part of this place is like having your own private cheering section, in good times and bad. You guys were with us with the early flirting from 2,000 miles apart, the nervous first visits, the constant flying back and forth, the tough stuff, and the happy move east.

So we wanted to come here and tell you that we've decided to get married. To each other. (I know... ewwww.) :) Neither of us thought we would ever do it again, but neither of us could have predicted that anything like this would ever happen to us, in this way, in this place. Or that our lives would take the paths they have. Crazy happy. More fun than is right or proper. Shared goals. No drama. Kickass. We're having a blast, we're really lucky, and we're feeling that cool eyes-wide-open thing that seems unique to people who've had this sort of thing go so wrong in the past. Anywho, thanks for being the greatest friends along this marathon route, handing out plastic cups of cool as we continued on our journey. You'll always be a part of our story that we bore the young people with.
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acp 11 years ago
wow - Congratulations!!!!!!!
What wonderful, surprising, happy news... and I love the idea of a spontaneous Indian, sari- and turban-clad elopement :-)

Like everyone else, I'm totally grinning imagining it, and can't wait to see the pics.

Wishing you both so much happiness.
barest_smidgen 11 years ago
Thanks guys! Somehow it felt like we should tell you first. We'll have them take lots of pics and try to get a little video, too. Re: samatwitch's query, I won't be wearing the borrowed, lovely but horribly unflattering sari that I tried last week. I went out and bought what I think is an exquisite traditional red and gold hand-embroidered sari that is much more flattering and makes me feel like a princess. It was twice what I was told to spend and I gagged at the price until I tried it on, and then did the math, only to realize the obscene price translated to about $70 U.S. Damon's kurta, jacket, and salwar are being made by a tailor I've made friends with and are still being hand-embroidered as we speak.

Ok, off to shower, and hit the markets for last minute essentials... thanks for the excitement on our behalf. Cheers, all, and namaste!
onesnailshort 11 years ago
Still doing the magic, the two of you!
On this totally grey and depressing morning, I saw this excellent news. I actually started grinning, choking and tearing up before my brain understood why.
Aren't you afraid to explode from all this goodness? Maybe spreading the gold by sharing it with us ( and others in the world) prevents that from happening.

My imagination is in overdrive, thinking about the two of you today. Hear, hear on the pictures idea!

I wish you a wonderful day, and long string of happy days together in the future.
Starhawk_ 11 years ago
HUGE congrats! Sounds very ... very... well, the two of you! ;) Barest, you ever think of writing a book? I'd read it.
m'cookies actual 11 years ago
Oh, what WONDERFUL news!! My heart is filled with joy for the two of you! Thank you for telling us ;)
barest_smidgen Posted 11 years ago. Edited by barest_smidgen (member) 11 years ago
bloodflowers 11 years ago
Oh, how beautiful! The colors! The flowers!

I am so full of happiness for the both of you--and now grinning so hard I'm starting to tear up and it's making it hard to type!

The sari is absolutely gorgeous and you must explain the significance of the groom's ensemble.

How wonderful. :-) :-) :-)
palehorse 11 years ago
Fantastic! You two look sooooo happy. And, yes, what a gorgeous sari.
samatwitch 11 years ago
What a lovely couple, as we all knew already! Truly a very happy day for you and all of us here. Thanks so much for sharing with us - both the picture and your happiness!
vera_flan 11 years ago
A picture says a thousand words! you two look wonderful! strings of flowers in beautiful bright colours :)
Caroline PRO 11 years ago
You two look great and barest especially radiant. Congrats to the both of you.
Madhatter_ 11 years ago
barest, judging from your smile, you're one of the happiest people on the planet . You look wonderful!
saltygoodness702 11 years ago
OH MY Goodness!!!! You guys put Elizabeth Hurley's Indian wedding to shame!!! hee

Barest, you are a vision of beauty. And together you two are just aglow with joy and comfort in one another. What a gift to the world your union is! Thanks for sharing!
Lionesss 11 years ago
Oh my! You are both beautiful! And the sari is gorgeous.
Thanks for letting us share in this joy.
Herb PRO 11 years ago
What a beautiful way to begin married life together. Congratulations !
acp 11 years ago
A beautiful sari, and an even more beautiful smile.
lone fashionable wolf 11 years ago
Oh, my heart exploded! Your joy shines through - it would be impossible to see that picture and not grin from ear to ear! Congratulations!
Numfar PTB 11 years ago
SImply beautiful. Kong Shi. Kong Shi. (恭喜喜. 恭喜喜) - I know, it's not Indian, it's chinese, but those are my greatest wishes for you both.
I'm doing the dance of joy for you guys.
This will always be in Whedonesque's history.
onesnailshort 11 years ago
You are pure gold! I feel so honored for being able to participate, even in this vicarious way.
I just realized that this picture is a perfect image of how I see the two of you. Radiating brilliant love, gold and colour all over the world.

Keep that up, kids! I wish you all the best.
Willowy 11 years ago
onesnailshort, that was beautiful. Just like our kids, here.

You can't imagine what this picture has done to my heart. I printed it out and it sits above my computer as a reminder of what JOY really is. Damon, you look like you feel a bit silly (with the headdress - which imo, looks magnificent by the way), but deliriously happy. Kara, you are ab-so-lute-ly EFFULGENT!

Oh, my babies, thank you so much for sharing this moment in your lives with us.

I am honored. *tear*
catalyst2 11 years ago
Effulgent indeed - Willowy, you picked the absolutely perfect way to describe that gorgeous pair.

Congratulations and best wishes to both barest_smidgen and zeitgeist. And so close to the BtVS 10th Anniverasry too ;-)
samatwitch Posted 11 years ago. Edited by samatwitch (member) 11 years ago
Great minds, Willowy - I made that picture my wallpaper at work right away!
zeitgeist_1975 11 years ago
Thanks for all of your sweet sweet words :) I would say/post more words/photos, what-have-you, but I am low on sleep and there are things needing done before I can take a nap!
barest_smidgen 11 years ago
Same here. :) We kept signing up for more wireless time at our Delhi hotel to sneak back in and read your sweet words of encouragement and enthusiasm -- as you were the first to know. Y'all feel like family and we delight in your happiness for us. A bit shy re: the compliments, but take them as confirmation that you see us and get it. That's so cool.

Fighting the jet-lag today (our plane landed at 5am) to power through the rest of the work on our invites for our [other] wedding. (So greedy, having two.) In the meantime... more pics of the Hindu ceremony on the blog, and maybe some photos of today's crafty efforts later tonight. Thanks, guys. :)
Harmalicious 11 years ago
Holy crap...busy with work and rehearsal and I frakkin' missed a glorious wedding. sigh. You guys look wonderful, so happy and carefree. That is what a wedding should be. And barest, that smile on your face is amazing. No other thing in the world can bring on a smile like that other than the love of your life. You're both extremely lucky to have each other and more importantly to have *found* each other. Good ol' Joss working the magic to join people across the world. Now that's a good time. Happy Wedding and Happy Buffiversary.
jakestone007 11 years ago
Oh, wow ! Just saw this after newcj's post on the black, congratulations guys ! Amazing news.

You guys look so happy in the pictures, hope Wedding 2: Return of the Ring goes as brilliantly as you both want and deserve and ends up a shindig and a rare céilidh rolled into one big happy celebration.

Bloody Whedon, he's a lot to answer (take credit) for ;-).


(it might say Jake Stone at the top, forgot my other sign-in/password and Jake Stone, Private Eye, International Man of Mystery and part-time baker was the next name I thought of that wasn't taken. It's a gift. And a curse ;)
barest_smidgen 11 years ago
Thanks Saje! We are pretty blissed out these days. :) For more of zeitgeist in his turban, see: khindia.wordpress.com/2007/03/09/damon-takes-an-indian-br...
acp 11 years ago
So, this is pretty off-topic, but given the love subject and your recent India excursion/marriage, I thought it sort of fit... I went to see The Namesake yesterday – the most recent Mira Nair movie – and really enjoyed it. It's a wonderful encapsulation of the immigrant experience told through one family, and has some beautiful Indian wedding scenes to boot. I'd recommend it to everyone, but barest, you and z should definitely check it out....
barest_smidgen 11 years ago
Not off-topic at all... unless you count the total self-posting of un-Whedon-related news that began this thread. :)

Dying to see The Namesake - our friend designed the space in Tribeca for the NY premiere and the pictures of that had me all twitchy and excited. Embarrassed to say we still haven't seen Water or even Monsoon Wedding (which is ridiculous, given the fact that we apparently pretty much had the Monsoon Wedding from the film). Thanks for the reminder!

How are you feeling/doing, by the way? Are you guys setting things up for the baby yet, or what stage are you in?
acp 11 years ago
oooh, Monsoon Wedding and Water are both excellent (though very different in mood, obviously!) - you've got lots of good India-film-watching ahead of you :-)

Things are great with me - thanks for asking. Though I'm definitely slowing down a bit and starting to get more of the aches and pains now that I'm into the third trimester. Still able to be active, though, and we're getting ready to spend a week at an island in Georgia with my extended family and some friends that I'm excited about - biking, beach walking, kayaking, relaxing - all things that sound heavenly, and good to have a last vacation before life gets more complicated. We ordered a crib and are starting to make lists of the stuff we need - this whole process is a complicated one, apparently! Luckily there's lots we can borrow from friends, and lots of things that don't seem nearly as necessary as sales people might have you believe. Mostly, I'm just getting excited to finally meet this little person (who's exceedingly active these days!) inside of me. Exciting stuff....
zeitgeist_1975 11 years ago
Happy to say we watched Monsoon Wedding last night :) Took me right back to Delhi, K even more so as I was only there a week and didn't have nearly the immersion or the amazing work related experiences to ground me there. It sure did take me brought back there, though!
barest_smidgen 11 years ago
Yup, had kind of a hard time watching Monsoon Wedding. Thrilled to be here, living this life that I love, but I still miss Delhi like it was home. For anyone who wants to see a little (okay, a ton) more of the place, I've finally managed to get my India gallery online -- it's totally like miserably sitting through someone's unfun cruise slideshow in the 70's, but just in case you're stuck on a useless conference call today where you have nothing to contribute, it's linked to here: www.khindia.wordpress.com
barest_smidgen 9 years ago
Just read all the wonderful baby news in Simon's birthday thread and thought it was a good time to tell you that we, too, are expecting. We're a couple of months in, and have been feeling cautious, but it seems like an okay time to share with you guys because you guys have been like family every step of our journey together. Cautious optimism with a side of non-stop sleepy. Now... where are those updated baby Willa pics?
catherine_31 9 years ago
Crikey - we whedonesquers are just breeding like crazy!!! Congratulations, barest_smidgen and zeitgeist! And congrats to all the becoming-babies, too - after all, it's even more momentous for them than it is for us :). I hope they like being human in the world.

I hope you're having an easy time of it, barest_smidgen. I'm about 5 months along now, and it's wonderful - a very physically comfortable stage including the excitement of first kicks (and the discovery that it's a boy). But while I wasn't actually throwing up in the first trimester, I definitely didn't feel like myself. Tired, and queasy, and anxious. I hope it's better for you, but if not, relief is not far off!! Keep us posted - I'm embarrassingly baby-obsessed these days :).
barest_smidgen 9 years ago
Thanks, catherine. THRILLED for you. Wow -- five months already! And a boy! Just wonderful. So glad to hear that you're feeling better. I'm still exhausted, queasy with some nasty sciatic-type pain, but all things considered, it could be much, much worse. Is it really true that your energy comes back after the first trimester? I truly cannot stay awake and am looking forward to becoming my whirlwind self again after all this sleeping, thinking about sleeping, talking about sleeping and waiting to sleep. ;)
catherine_31 9 years ago
Yes, yes, all the good things you've heard about the second trimester are true! My queasiness abated somewhat around week 11, but I didn't find my full appetite and desire for certain things I'd "gone off" returning until somewhere around week 16. But since then, yes, appetite and energy levels back where they belong!

I'm sorry to hear about the sciatic pain though. I think swimming can be good for that, and probably yoga helps too, though to be honest in spite of the best intentions I just stopped exercising during the first trimester and didn't start up again until a few weeks ago. I was luckily on holiday and staying with my parents for the worst of my first trimester, but I do remember the huge effort required to get out of bed and manage some kind of breakfast... and then I'd be so exhausted I'd take a nap ;). Pretty pathetic! And so boring! But I bet you'll be feeling so much better in a few weeks.
samatwitch 9 years ago
Congratulations, barest and zeitgeist!! How exciting! A new life spring forth from your love. The new generation of Whedonesquers continues. I think a new thread is in order.

Speaking of which, we haven't seen any recent pictures of Willa or Josh on here. (I did see some video of Josh standing up - on Facebook.)

Catherine, I'm glad you're feeling better, although you managed to be very lively and entertaining during our lunch over Christmas. ;) I'm hoping that I'll get to see the baby when you bring him here. :)
Willowy 9 years ago

Congratulations, darling Kara and Damon!!!! Oh, I'm just over the moon for you, my babies are having a baby!! Please keep us posted on every. little. thing. that happens, and share all the ins and outs of your wonderful condition. Welcome to the parent... hood! :D
palehorse 9 years ago
Wow, again! Kara and Damon, what wonderful news! I'm absolutely delighted for you. But I'm also glad that you have so much company in the community. A few months now we're going to be poppin' corks all over the place in celebration of all the brand new Whedonesquers. And the rest of us are going to demand pictures galore.
Harmalicious 9 years ago
I'm so excited for you guys!!! This is SQUEEEEEE worthy. And Catherine, a boy? Boys are awesome, I got two of them :)

OK, yes I totally need to update you guys with pictures of Josh! Here's the most recent one I've uploaded. Colin, included, who will be 5 soon (can you believe it?) Josh is 8 months here, 9 months now:


What a great day!!! I just found out two big pieces of news! Kara and Damon expecting, and my best friend got into the Music PhD program at Yale (one spot out of over a thousand applicants). OK, good things come in threes (I already knew about you Catherine otherwise that would be #3). What's next?
samatwitch 9 years ago
Lovely picture, Harm. I wish I could meet them this summer.

By the way, I did start the other thread: Whedonesquers: Next Generation. :D
Harmalicious 9 years ago
Aw! I see, thanks samatwitch. Great idea!! And sorry Kara and Dustin for bombarding your thread *grin* with my children....hee hee.
zeitgeist_1975 9 years ago
Adorable pic of Colin and Josh, and of course grats to the other expectants and their little future Potential Slayers ;)
catherine_31 9 years ago
Holy dimples, Batman! What a pair of cuties. It looks like Colin is loving the big brother role. Yay to your friend, too. Did you get a third piece of great news? ;)
barest_smidgen Posted 9 years ago. Edited by barest_smidgen (member) 9 years ago
Aw, thanks guys. We're pretty psyched, too. And Harm, oh, adorable! Delighted to see them here -- I only moved this news here so as to try not to hijack Simon's bday thread. ;)
tres_shey 9 years ago
Congratulations, Kara and Damon! Enjoy the sleep now, it will be a precious commodity, post-baby. :)
Harmalicious 9 years ago
Catherine, yes! #3 did happen after I put the boys down for bed. Let's just say it involved a surprise bubble bath, candles, and two chilled beers. My hubby is the best!!
Madhatter_ 9 years ago
Just smiling ear to ear.
rua1412 9 years ago
Congratulations, Kara and Damon!!!!!!
So happy for both you!!!!
bloodflowers 9 years ago
Congratulations K+D!!! What happy news!
I'm sure you'll make really cool parents who can't help but raise an awesome kid. : )
Madhatter_ 9 years ago
It's.....going to be a boy.
catherine_31 9 years ago
You say that with such certainty Madhatter - do you have some kind of inside line with The Powers That Be?

(A little boy I tutor asked me a couple of months ago if baby was a boy or a girl. I said I didn't know, and he declared very authoritatively, "I know." So I asked him which it would be, and he got very thoughtful, and then said, "water." It had me a little anxious for a while. There are, after all, easier ways to get water.)
Madhatter_ 9 years ago
No, just guessing out loud is all. Sorry...
m'cookies actual 9 years ago
Oh, Harm, Colin and Josh are a couple of handsome lads, to be sure!
nursebobbi 9 years ago
Well, Maddie has a 50-50 chance! :-)

I'm gone a few days and all of this news breaks. Congrats all around.
catalyst2 9 years ago
Congratulations to barest smidgen and zeitgeist! I haven't been on Flickr for a long while but this is wonderful news to come back to.
nixygirl 9 years ago
OMG!! A baby!!

*massive happy grins*

Congrats you two!! You guys always make me smile...)sometimes there havbe been tears too but not today)
Today it's allll joy!!!
:-D :-D

And also is right of me to feel a little proud? I was there from the begining and was a part of the love thread!

I've not told you guys actually this either...one of the major reasons I chose Ireland as my place to study was because of you two. I could never get the image out of my mind of your little cottage and how lovely it was that you two had gone to ireland and had fallen in love.

So when I had a choice of places to live and study...Ireland was it!

I'll be making sure I check in from time to time...I sppose there'll be no webcast of the birth like there was of the wedding lololool.

Love you guys *cheers*

luvs nix
nixygirl 9 years ago
p.s Harm they are some of the cudest bubbas! They have incredible smiles :)
barest_smidgen Posted 9 years ago. Edited by barest_smidgen (member) 9 years ago
Aw, nix! It's so totally delightful to see you back here. So happy to hear that you've been away because you've truly been... away! Ireland! How wonderful! Tell us more! Gosh -- we've missed you.

(And, no. Definitively no webcamming of future arrivals... arriving. Nothing and no one is cute for at least a couple of days after that business. :) )
saltygoodness702 9 years ago
I've been away from flickr for a painfully long time but fortunately have been able to express my congrats to the epic lovethread couple of K+D. So glad to see it shared here and so excited that so many whedonesque families are growing!

This celebratory news is just what is needed to kindle my hopes for the future. My imagination can hardly conceive of the glorious parenting any children of Kara and Damon will receive. So happy and profoundly hopeful. Love you guys!
nixygirl 9 years ago
Yep, I've been living in Ireland for almost 3 months now. Am heading over Caroline's way on Thursday to go stay with my best friend in Eindhoven- which mean Elfteling Theme Park this Saturday wOOt!!!
GVH 9 years ago
Haven't actually, y'know, been to this part of the whedonesque 'verse before, but this seems like a great little topic to start with!

Congratulations zeitgeist, barest and catherine! :)
samatwitch 9 years ago
Welcome, GVH. Nice to see you in these parts. Make yourself at home.
GVH 9 years ago
Thanks bunches, samatwitch! Pretty strange that there was this whole other whedonesque world I'd never even visited before :).
nursebobbi 9 years ago
Welcome, GVH. I enjoy your posts on the black. This is my favorite part of Whedonesque. Though I read the black religiously and find it highly entertaining, I seldom post there.

I was Internet-less at home for over 24 hours. It was horrible. The scariest part was how tense it made me.
GVH 9 years ago
Thanks nursebobbi! There's times when reading and posting on the black can get a little overwhelming for me too. Especially on days like today, when there's just so. many. posts. Plus: when I post in a topic, I usually want to have read all the other comments before adding my own, so that sometimes falls by the wayside for me too, especially in the longer threads.

Which is a long way of saying: I guess I know how you feel, even if I do post regularly these days :).

As for not having internet: that is scary. I really don't like it if I'm unable to connect to the internet either. It does stress me out, for some reason.
zeitgeist_1975 9 years ago
GVH -- thanks for the congrats and good to see you posting over here. I've been in a largely quiet period as far as participating in discussions on the black aside from a couple of Dollhouse threads, but I lurk and delete and whatnot :)
lone fashionable wolf 9 years ago
Oh my God! Yay!

K & D - I am so thrilled for both of you! Congratulations!! I was just thinking about your wedding the other day...

I know that lucky little person will grow up in such a warm, loving home. Any news - cravings, dreams, little tummy flutters, baby clothes? I want to hear it all!

And to you c_31 - congrats on that little boy! He's got a mum with ass-kicking poetry skills!

xxx Lynne
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