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Peacybaby 2:32pm, 18 September 2007
What couldn't you live without on a day to day basis which you carry in your bag? (besides your wallet, keys and phone)
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makaseru 9 years ago
My Handphone, Ipod and Wallet
Christopher Holden 9 years ago
Bible, Moleskine, Staedtler Pigment Liner.
Shrinking Violet. [deleted] 9 years ago
Camera, Ipod, lotion,eye drops
Mawz 9 years ago
F100, 24/2.8, 90/2.8
christyio 9 years ago
Nothing, actually. I could do without all of it.

ID, money, and water/food would be useful. I don't need a phone or any of that junk just to live... but, it is fun to have. ;)
holly rainbow 9 years ago
ipod, debit card, lipstick.
light23am [deleted] 9 years ago
ipod, phone mostly probably a few other personal bits
Yörch 9 years ago
In my bag the most important things are: camera, cellphone and contact lenses kit.

sandrahhhh PRO 9 years ago
debit card, license, iphone, and camera.
Matatias 2 9 years ago
- book of the moment
- camera (even the cellphone camera)
- something to take notes
seakings [deleted] 9 years ago
- wallet/checkbook (they coordinate as 1)
- cell phone
- cigarettes + lighter
durasoul 9 years ago
I think the top 3 are going to be almost universal - wallet, phone, keys.
It's the *next* three where we start diverging - iPod, lip gloss, nalgene bottle.
UnaFP [deleted] 9 years ago
aside from the keys/ID etc...

multitool, weapons, good pen
"Maria" 9 years ago
important because my life would make a turn for the worse if i lost them: passport, work permit, and I guess . . . keys
important because I'm maybe the poster-child for consumerism: the loads of lip treatment, the iPod, the camera . . . it's all about the $.
aistea311 9 years ago
my cell phone, iPod and debit card.
my phone.
MagnusCaleb 9 years ago
Cell phone
hibiscus101 9 years ago
lets see after my wallet(and al its contents), my phone and keys...pen, lip balm and tampons.
see the sea 9 years ago
aside from the wallet, keys, and phone... my cameras (digital and film), ipod, germ-x
mikeasaurus 9 years ago
Lomo LCA, a good book to read, a notebook and pen (ok, so I got to 4 and can't count)
haagenjerrys 9 years ago
black pen, lip gloss, eye drops. i could live without these things, but they're always useful.
AzureCloud 9 years ago
Blackberry for work :(, lip balm, eyedrops cuz my contacts are always dry.
my knitting, lip gloss, Sharpie.
material_gurl01 9 years ago
Mine are: lip balm, rolaids, pen

The question asks for three things besides phone, keys and wallet, yet some people are still listing phones and wallets????
BreKatPink 9 years ago
chapstick, nail file, and sharpies.
Fiber & Paper 9 years ago
lip balm, knitting project, current reading and hand moisturiser.

I listed 4 because I don't carry a handphone. ;)
vélovoice PRO 9 years ago
Kleenex tissue, spectacles, lip balm.
breakbeat PRO 9 years ago
Creative Muvo MP3 Player, pill box, vaseline lip balm
Open-Socket [deleted] 9 years ago
which i always seem to lose or forget.
ihateyourstinkinguts 9 years ago
carmex, mace
Morgaine Swann 9 years ago
iPod, compact, lipstick. I never leave the house w/o the latter two.
Suhanna ♥ 9 years ago
my Zen player and blusher
chelsea unfun PRO 9 years ago
sewing and writing supplies. i'm currently making a little case to keep things neat in within my bag though. i carry a big bag and i hate having things floating loose in it. but definitely pens, paper, needles, thread, maybe knitting if i'm working on something simple and portable. a book sometimes. i worry about being stuck somewhere and having to be idle for too long.
Ash Lea 9 years ago
My journal, camera, lip gloss, Phone but you said other than that....so I think that's it.
elhamisabel 9 years ago
Camera, iPod and nail white pen.
spaceboy dream [deleted] 9 years ago
Wallet, a notebook of some sort, an assortment of writing utensils, most important of which is my Faber-Castell artist's pen, for writing and inky. Also, my fat sharpie. Also a good mechanical pencil.
LindseyFromNY 9 years ago
face powder, lip balm and sunglasses.
guanmu.name 9 years ago
laptop,camera,books sometime
cody luna 9 years ago
chapstick, lip gloss and bus fare.
..........as for wallet, keys and phone. I have no money, no keys and no one ever calls me.
copper fingers 9 years ago
Lip gloss, sunglasses, camera.
optionthis PRO 9 years ago
My iPod, my Moo business cards, and SMOKES!
Good Eye Might 9 years ago
Mp3 player, camera, and mascara
Laluh [deleted] 9 years ago
1. ipod shuffle 2nd generation

2. sunglasses

3. moleskine address book/pen
Tristina 9 years ago
eye drops, lip balm & ipod :)
Oceanpeg PRO 9 years ago
Besides my wallet, my camera, a pen and contact cards (busines size, computer-home made to give to ohers. Has name of my Red Hat Society chapter on them along with my e-mail address and phone number.)
Tea Wells PRO 9 years ago
lipstick, mints/gum, a good pen & notepad
Shellbellz 9 years ago
I just NEVER seem to leave the house without my wallet, keys and phone, but since we're not talking about those items, the next things would have to be lipbalm/gloss, a favourite fragrance in handbag size (meaning not a 100ml bottle) and a pen(or two).
Mediocre Face 9 years ago
Camera, Business Cards, & Sunglasses.
cigs + lighter
ssylviadangg [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ssylviadangg (member) 9 years ago
2. Ipod
3. Braces cleaner thingy
♥mabeliita♥ 9 years ago
1.Chewing gum...superimportant thing, I always have to have gum in my bag.
2.makeup bag, though I barely use makeup
3.hairbrush... my hair is a mess!
miss*robot 9 years ago
gum always
anti bacterial hand gel
hand lotion.

always those three.
YaYaNk'S( gone for good ) [deleted] 9 years ago
beside wallet,key n phone?

1: sunglasses
2:digital camera
VCNielson PRO 9 years ago
My book (so I won't get bored), planner (so I don't forget my life), and my chapstick (because my lips would become old and cracked without it).
txkimmers 9 years ago
phone, which also contains my planner.
zen vision:m, which also contains books I am listening too, plus music
eyedrops for my contacts. when it finally gets cold here, lip balm too.
justinakira 9 years ago
camera, lip gloss, gum :D
-Gabs- [deleted] 9 years ago
chapstick, book and a bottle of water
slc urban princess [deleted] 9 years ago
lib balm, bottle of water and either mints or gum
yveva 9 years ago
journal, pen, camera
Chic Chita 9 years ago
Sunglasses, tooth-paste and book.
himynameisash 9 years ago
ipod, ds lite, and sketchbook
phoebird 9 years ago
lipstick, sunnies & advil.
brandysflickr 9 years ago
my planner
→ EMi ← [deleted] 9 years ago
lip gloss, ipod, sunglasses
tiffanyzajas 9 years ago
I could live without these things, but I'd rather not:

-Burt's Bees Lip Balm
-Water bottle
-Moleskine planner
LoveDaphne 9 years ago
lipstick, electronic Eng-Jap dictionary & hand cream
mushroom garden PRO 9 years ago
lip balm, keys, handphone
MsHeisenberg 9 years ago
lip gloss, moleskin, coins for a diet coke from the vending machine
mywong13 9 years ago
chapstick, usb drive, sunglasses...everything else is in there so my bag weighs more, hence being a workout when walking around.
♪Razzmatazz♪ 9 years ago
mmm... my camera, eye delineator and lipstick ♥
mlle_bleue PRO 9 years ago
Fountain pens, Pain pills. Mints.
Broken but happy [deleted] 9 years ago
mp3 player, mirror and lip stuff
athena. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by athena. (member) 9 years ago
Lipstuff, Notebook/Moleskine/Paper/Planner, Pen.
jessolicious 9 years ago
1. camera
2. makeup
3. hair brush
camera, ipod, planner/notebook and wet wipes
lise.charmel PRO 9 years ago
lipbalm (I also take it with me when going to long meetings, so I mean without bag!)
nano i-pod or a book, depends where I am going. recently, with my new neverfull bag, both
Farah_A [deleted] 9 years ago
lipbalm(or lip gloss)
bus pass
a punch clip for my messy hair
emilja frances [deleted] 9 years ago
moleskine, slingshot, cigarettes.
glassich 9 years ago
After wallet, keys and phone? Hmm, I'd say my pop-up brush mirror, my daily planner, & my lip balm (Burt's Bees).
lovecatkk 9 years ago
- make up bag
- ipod
- reading glasses
Glr Mndz 9 years ago
1. My notebook
2.a pen
3. my glasses
PrincessPeach 9 years ago
- Dr Pepper chapstick
- notebook
- camera
Lt. Cobretti 9 years ago
- Blondie makeup bag
- Samsung mp3 player
- digital camera
The FoxBox PRO 9 years ago
Iphone, lip gloss, gum
elizfitch 9 years ago
Lip gloss/lipstick, business cards, mints.
kitz ♥ love [deleted] 9 years ago
cologne/perfume, my debit card and lighter. :) (come to think of it, i can live without my ipod..i havent been charging it for a month now :))
zia virgi PRO 9 years ago
lip balm, pen and the book of the moment....
samantha marie. 9 years ago
SarayaMichelle 9 years ago
(I dont go anywhere without them!)
Raynah Thomas PRO 9 years ago
Lippy, notebook (pen attached), camera.
paintedbooklady Posted 9 years ago. Edited by paintedbooklady (member) 9 years ago
ipod, camera and a book to read.
Gabbing Gaby [deleted] 9 years ago
Handsanatizer, camera, makeup.
ortrun 9 years ago
camera, bottle of water, sudoku.
v_ex 9 years ago
camera, ipod, migraine tablets
chibbinavel 9 years ago
I would have to say (aside from the three above):

1. Ipod
2. digital camera
3. lip gloss
Crush Beat 9 years ago
* muji pen
* eight hour cream
* folding reusable shopping bag (let's ban plastic!)
one♥two aka gudrun Posted 9 years ago. Edited by one♥two aka gudrun (member) 9 years ago
m.a.c lipstick
jadenbritz 9 years ago
wet wipes
tlvsn 9 years ago
My PalmPilot, iPod and camera.
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