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DimiNamu ADMIN June 26, 2012
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures!

Group Description

Please read the LEGAL NOTE below:

THE WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE (WPI) "What is Peace?" Campaign:

What is Peace? What does it really mean to you?

You are invited to participate in the greatest photographic project ever undertaken, an event that will change the way you see the world.

Write the definition of what peace means to your nation, your culture, or you personally, pose for a quick portrait, and send the resulting picture to photos@theworldpeaceinitiative.org to be a part of humanitys loudest call for peace - a moment of great pride for the human race that will shine throughout whatever ages are to come.

By posting your picture in this pool, you grant permission for it to be used in any media form (on-line, print, video or other) in promotion of the World Peace Initiative (WPI) (www.theworldpeaceinitiative.org), now or at a future date.
You also acknowledge that you will not require compensation for the use of the image (as far as it is used in conjunction with the WPI campaign).
Your picture remains your property. It will not be used for profit, and certainly will never be sold or used by any third party.

This is simply an invitation to please come and join in our call for peace, and please to allow us to print or display your voice alongside our own.

For more information, please contact info@theworldpeaceinitiative.org.
Much love and peace to all of you!

Group Rules

Please agree to the following rules before joining:

PLEASE CHECK YOUR PICTURE AND DO NOT ADD PICTURES THAT CONTAIN MESSAGES THAT INSULT PEOPLE. Please also, try to filter any sexual references, while we do acknowledge that certain people may find peace in adults-only activities, this group is a representation meant to be viewed by the whole world. Thank you.

(1) By joining you agree to grant permission for use of any photos you add to the pool to the organizers of WPI. These pictures will be used online, offline (in print and video), and of course, in the exhibition of the project in September.

(2) No bigotry, hate-speech, discriminatory comments or anything that might be hateful or hurtful will be tolerated. Of course, we are all different and if a misunderstanding occurs, you agree to always give another person the benefit of the doubt.

(3) Only submit images of people that have agreed to allow you to take their picture (an official model release is available upon request from Admin@theworldpeaceinitiative.org).

(4) Please use this as an opportunity to question your own belief about peace. There are no wrong or right answers. There are many different answers. What peace means to a person in a third world country is very different to what it means to a person in a first world country. In the desert, peace is different to what it might mean in a jungle. Please be respectful of the people you meet, the thoughts you gather, and the voices your pictures will represent.

(5) Recognize the value in what you are doing.


i)Pictures must be shot portrait (see examples on our website - www.theworldpeaceinitiative.org).

ii) You may edit colors and basic effects, but please, no surgery.

iii) Models should be centered, with about a hand's breadth above their heads visible in the shot. The paper saying "peace is" should be held covering their chest (pdf of peace is available upon request from Admin@theworldpeaceinitiative.org).

iv) Please obtain permission to upload your model's photo.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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