Cal Mero 7:13am, 18 May 2009
The wetpixel flickr group is currently constructing a new logo to adorn the front page of the flickr group!

To do this we need underwater photographs of the highest quality to incorporate into our logo.

The wetpixel flickr group is currently running a compeititon to find the photos that best represent the skill and quality of our diverse and talented photographers.

We would like to invite you to submit your two best photos to be considered for incorpration into the logo.

The wetpixel FlickR group has over 1000 members and countless visitors meaning that if your photo is selected you will get incredible exposure!

How do you enter?

Simply tag your two best photos with "wetpixel logo" before July 5th.

This will be run on the honesty system. Any photographer found submitting more then two photos will be excluded from the competition.

Photos that have previously placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a major compeition are still eligible.

Judges will be the Wetpixel FlickR administration team which includes a range of award winning and notable photographers.

All judgeing will be at the sole discretion of the wetpixel FlickR administration team.

Thanking you for your time,

Good luck with your entries,

Wetpixel Flickr Admins
Autopsea 10 years ago
Nice :)
and so, this is where they are, right? because depending on the search option you don't find everything :"wetpixel+logo&qu...

Cal Mero 10 years ago
Yup, exactly right.

If an image is tagged "wetpixel logo" it will be included in the competition. We will be filtering entries based on the combination of wetpixel + logo (i.e. "wetpixel logo") to ensure that we get everyone but exclude images just tagged with wetpixel etc
samui13coconut13 10 years ago
I can see an awesome collection of images are going to be in this set by the deadline. I dont envy the judges.

samui13coconut13 10 years ago
how come no one is tagging their images to this group?

I thought there would have been a load of top quality images being entered.

rtrski 10 years ago
Just a reminder - please limit your entries to TWO per person! While there are a lot of wonderful photos showing up now, we wouldn't want to disqualify anyone simply due to a misunderstanding! So it's not too late to alter your tags...or ADD them for those of you who haven't entered yet!
samui13coconut13 10 years ago
mr yankee
you guys need to remove some tags as the rules state only 2 entries per person.
digidiverdeb 10 years ago
Sorry - I misunderstood - I'm new to this flickr business, will remove tags now thanks
Autopsea 9 years ago
Any update? :)
Jaw's Dad 9 years ago
Last I heard Cal was working away. Sorry it's taking longer than we thought.

Cal Mero 9 years ago
Hey guys!

It should be done in the next few days

tdpriest 9 years ago
Some names seem to have a lot more than two entries?
Jaw's Dad 9 years ago
Not to worry Tim. We applied the appropriate filters. ;-)
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