safety levels

Miss Sub Tv Prissy 2:26am, 14 May 2011
i Love wet look leggings :) mmmmmm

but there is a problem nevertheless :(

its probably been pointed out before, but i see a lot of pics breaking restriction levels.. would hate to see this group deleted after just having just found it....
DONNYB-UK PRO 7 years ago
This happens a lot in some groups. I suspect it's mainly caused by the fact that "safe" is the default setting chosen by Flickr for the posting of photos to groups, and it's up to the Group Administrator to alter it to permit 'Moderate' or 'Restricted' photos where that's in keeping with the theme of the group.

While people who mis-classify their photos - marking them as "safe" when they quite clearly aren't in order to get round this - are putting their accounts at risk, I can't see that the group as a whole would be deleted unless the practice was being openly encouraged.
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