Boredofthehighstreet 4:53pm, 9 October 2008
Just add comments and pictures on why you should win a pair of wet look leggings and we will pick people depending on why they feel that they should win some leggings every couple of days.
robust airplane [deleted] 10 years ago

Wet look leggings are the future. never before has the world of fashion pulled out such a sexy pure beautiful item of clothing.

It excites me just to think of me and all the other fashionable ladies walking the streets in daylight bringing a smile to the face of any red blooded man.

pick me and i'll send in the pics

guitarra2009 9 years ago
Wetlook leggings are the greatest gift to this earth since.... ever! Ive always been into seeing woman wearing kinky fetish stuff. But these leggings are just amazing!!! and now they are everywhere...

The designer of these is god! thank you :-)
auspuff 9 years ago
Ive been a fan of spandex and lycra since it became all the fashion in the 80s while i was a hormone charged high schooler. I was so excited to see that wet look leggings have once agian come into fashion, and would love for my wife to sport a pair as i think she is one of the most incredibly sexy women on the planet. She's self conscious, and doesnt understand my wet look material fascination (or that she would infact look great in a pair) so i havent been successful in convincing her that we should go and purchase her long, shapely legs in a pair. I imagine her in them all the time...and will never give up hope that one day i might see her in them....
*ASIAN SENSATION* 9 years ago
i love the way they look and i dont have any yet. it would be nice to have a pair that i could wear out and look all sexy. and if i win i will post sexy pictures of me wearing them.

I have always had a fiery passion for the wet look leggings. Especially when it comes to velvet and spandex and lycra. It just gives you that awesome sensation that makes it seem like the materials of the leggings are literally massaging your body. It makes everything feel great when you move. I hope that one day I will be able to have a nice size collection of these leggings so that I will finally be able to feel this truly amazing experience I have always desired.
nonstop battle [deleted] 8 years ago
Shiny leggings are awesome.

My girlfriend has some but has not worn them in a while.
flat swing [deleted] 8 years ago
I wear wet look legging love the feel and support of them and it makes me feel like i am on top of the world would like to get more colors am male and straight but the feel and look are fantastic
sexyjess1 8 years ago
i always wanted wet look leggings never bought them though
sexyjess1 8 years ago
ill send pics soon
nonstop battle [deleted] 8 years ago
Please send pics soon.
sexyjess1 8 years ago
if i win ill be sooo happy
sexyjess1 8 years ago
am gutted ma camera is broken so i cant take pics
flat swing [deleted] 8 years ago
am male and st8 and wear leggins and tights love the feel the look and support and the warmth in the winter would love to have a wetlook pair
deeply tendency [deleted] 8 years ago
Wetlook leggings? They remind me of the first shiny lycra leggings i ever had - i adore the fact they are back in fashion - and I would wear them to death with killer heels or over-knee boots! I reckon I may have the legs for them too!
deeply tendency [deleted] 8 years ago
Oh and I would post some wicked pro pics!
trapez 8 years ago
So have a look to this picture...
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