lisiepeasie 3:28am, 21 March 2006
Does anybody have any tips on how they sewed the bottom circle on the bunny? Do you whipstitch it before you sew it on the machine? Or do you sew it by hand?

Just wondering how you guys did it, cos I hard a hard time with my bunny!

Domni 11 years ago
I had a rough time with it as well. I just had to sort of force stitch it on the machine as it the bottem did not line up properly with the sides. I also used the bottem as the spot to stuff rather than the sides, then whipstitched it as best I could. Not perfect by any means but it was really fun. :)
julielion 11 years ago
That was the hardest part for me. When I was pinning it on it seemed like it would never fit correctly. When I sewed it, I had to do it in three little sections and it's still not quite right. Probably sewing it on by hand would have worked the best -- doing that didn't even occur to me! Sorry I don't have any good tips, but thanks for starting this topic, I'll be interested to see if anyone has any good advice:)
devinemom 11 years ago
I thought that I was the only one having a problem with this. I tired to fold the circle into thirds and ease it in that way but it still bunched a bit. I also was not quite sure how much seam allowance to leave at the bottom of the body to have enough room. It turned out good enough for the first try, I plan on actually posting the photos of it soon. It has been finished for a few days now.
six impossible things 11 years ago
I am not good at sewing curves ... I didn't pin it, I just pulled the edges together and sewed about an inch on the machine, then lined up the next inch and sewed that, until it was joined up! Only a little pucker was left which wasn't noticeable when stuffed.
emira 11 years ago
It wasn't just me! My circle was waaay too big for the opening that was left, so I let the opening of the bunny set the pace and then just trimmed off excess when I was done, that way it was still a circle just a different (smaller size). I used a combo of pins and just lining it up by hand and sewing. Only had to unpick one piece and redo, so I figured that was pretty good.
knitsandgrits [deleted] 11 years ago
Like Emira, my bottom circle was 1/2 inch too big in total diameter for the body that I sewed. I ended up sewing it to the body with a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the body and a 1/2 inch seam allowance for the circle. I guess I could have just cut my circle smaller, but at the time I didn't know if that was going to work. Next time I make one, I'll cut my circle smaller to begin with.
Robin Green Eye 11 years ago
On my 2 bunnies the one with the fleece bottom circle worked great, I am thinking it's because of how stretchy it is, but the bunny with the fabric circle I had the same problem, I just gathered it a bit and it isn't perfect, but not too bad.
amandasan PRO 11 years ago
i sewed up the sides fully and half of the bottom and then i stuffed my wee bunny. then i sewed up the other half of the bottom by hand. it didn't line up exactly but i attribute that to my less than perfect sewing skills!
good luck :)
Oh I had troubles, too! I figured it's because I am a very new sewer. :) I actually ended up tacking it down by hand to make my bunny sit up straight. She still sort of leans to the left, though.
loxosceles Posted 11 years ago. Edited by loxosceles (member) 11 years ago
I sewed my bunny by hand, and I didn't find the bottom hard at all - so maybe if you are machine-sewing, it could be worth your time to hand-sew the bottom.

(I didn't pin the bottom at all, just sewed it as I went. I made three marks on the circle and every time I got near a seam, I checked that the mark was in the right place.)

I decided to stuff my bunny through the bottom (instead of the back) so I started at the back seam, sewed around two of the three sections, and then turned it inside out to stuff. I sewed up the 3rd section with ladder stitch - if you're not familiar with this stitch, look it up; it's a lot less noticeable than whipstitch.
losabia PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by losabia (member) 11 years ago
I think maybe the pattern might have printed small for some who are having difficulty with the bottom:

Adobe Reader usually automatically resizes printed pages based on your printer's margins, so you might have ended up with a page that was scaled to, say, 85% of the original. Not seemingly a problem, since the other pattern pieces are smaller, too, right? The trouble is that the included seam allowances are also scaled down and no longer a quarter inch.


I printed mine with no scaling and then just pinned the heck out of it. Oh, and I stopped and started at all the side seams. Is that what you're supposed to do? I couldn't figure out any other way without catching the seam allowances and making the bunny all wonky.

Now, if someone could only tell me how to put those little plastic pellets into a softy without "blessing" my house with them. My husband is about to kill me if he steps on just one more!
leilalu 11 years ago
I sewed the back of mine by hand on my machine. Hand turning the wheel slowly. Then I did a decorative stitch on the front of the bunny after flipping it right side out.:)
filambulle PRO 11 years ago
I sewed the top 3 parts by machine, stuffed from the bottom, then sewed the felt circle by hand. I had done the same with my wees. It's easy.
Zelda139 10 years ago
I know this topic is old and so maybe everyone else figured this out already, but I found that the bottom piece fit perfectly by simply ending my side seams 1/4" from the bottom end. That opened the end of the bunny up wide enough that the bottom circle fit pretty much perfect and was easy to sew together on my machine.
carlitadee 9 years ago
Zelda139, I'm glad you posted this. I was thinking this might be the way to go, but haven't tried it. I will next time. Thank you!
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