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Title: Traditional Dancer

Traditional Dancer

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RenoGrrl 5 years ago
The colours are fabulous and I believe you got very good focus here but I want to see the whole body and the end of the sleeve. I think a portrait orientation would have been better. I know it must have been difficult to catch a moving dancer. Sorry, but freeflight.
Gwytherinn 5 years ago
He wasn't moving. He was posing.
notime4jibbajabba 5 years ago
Cool costume but I feel that the framing is off and the background too overpowering. With just a crowd, it would have been better; the translucent signage and 2-color umbrella push it into "near miss" territory.

Regarding framing: too much space on top. 8x10 may not be the best ratio for this pose, if you are going to include only from the waist up. I would try narrower (16:9) or maybe square.

I might also do some dodging and burning—bring up the shadow side of his face slightly, maybe mute the crowd somewhat, etc.

In the hands of a Photoshop master, I am sure this could be turned into a stunning piece.

RenoGrrl 5 years ago
I think a horizontal, strong crop would help immensely. It is totally in your face then and the things that were bothering me are gone. I think @jibba has some good points. When I cropped it, all of a sudden I was gobsmacked.
ski 9 5 years ago
Nicely expressive, well focused and fairly well exposed..perhaps a push on the lower end of the tonal range. Agree w/ criticisms regarding the framing and busyness of the background crows.. Think Reno's crop at your stream or jibba's 16x9 suggestion may improve things. Close freeflight.
Lord Nikon 12 5 years ago
I agree with the others, there is too much on the top.

i kind of wish I could see both arms out to his hands. It may be best to crop his right arm to maintain balance. Dunno.

I really like the facial expression you captured and his outfit but I regretfully say freeflight
axel hydre 5 years ago
I'm sorry but I'm with the pack - what's there is wonderful but it needs more dancer and less crowd to work. freeflight
cyanne3 [deleted] 5 years ago
Freeflight for the composition. A more horizontal POV would fit it nicely. Like Reno did on your stream. The way it is, the missing arm on the right is disturbing plus the space on top is too large.
Thru Lens 5 years ago
He should have been centered. Sorry Freeflight for me.
James V Banks Jr 5 years ago
Colors are great but composition is not. sorry freeflight
Still The Oldie PRO 5 years ago
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