Still The Oldie PRO 9:32pm, 25 October 2008
Title: Paris


this size > on black, white or gray

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gio.o 9 years ago
Real old picture or fake vintage? It doesn't really matter, just a curiosity.
I like this shot. I think it would work even better in square format, with less dark buildings on the sides.
Still, good keeper for me.
Rob Scumaci PRO 9 years ago
Love the depth and shadow detail. Congratulations on this one - a real masterpiece. Keeper.
dustspots 9 years ago
Excellent... great tones when viewed on black... As a logical alternative, I totally agree with gio.o regarding a square crop...

A Keeper
[RachelHolbrook] 9 years ago
Beautiful tones. If it's a fake vintage, it's done extremely well.

The detail on the buildings is great.

But again, square crop would be even better.

Easy keeper.
lecates Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lecates (moderator) 9 years ago
I love the square frame more than most, but I disagree about cropping this image. My eyes bounce from far left to far right to mid left, mid right, then tower - following the tones and the distance right into the shot. For framing, geometry, forced perspective I think it's about as good as it can be. Even the distortion lean works here -- the outer building edges almost paralleling the tower.

You don't teach post processing classes do you?

This is wonderful. The vintage tones work extremely well. I love the way the Eiffel Tower is fading into the background. I almost expect to see a flying saucer aiming a disintegration ray at it.

Big fat keeper.
Grub Lubbor 9 years ago
The excellent processing alone is good enough but the shot itself is lovely. Not sure if it really needs a different crop and I love how the foreground buildings are all leaning in towards the tower, almost at the angle of the tower's frame. Easy keeper.
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
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