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FiveAshes 1:42pm, 12 December 2007
The Concept:
This is like an Art Gallery of the best photos from the entire history of WEEKLY'S pool (approaching 200 weeks now, and counting). The premise is simple: If your image is chosen to be featured then you pick the next image from the pool to be our selection.

How it Works
If your image is posted here, then AFTER a few days (to give people a chance to properly appreciate your work), you can pick your favourite from the entire eleven-year (and counting) pool and post it to this thread after yours.

Pictures selected must be from the pool - and can't be your own :)

Please post medium size only.

If you want to find the original comments in WEEKLY about the image, you will find a link in the photostream page. Just click on the image to be taken there.
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(1 to 100 of 233 replies)
FiveAshes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
To kick things off I had the honour of picking one of my favourites. I can't tell you how hard it was!! There are so many amazing ones. I'm going to keep them up my sleeve though so I can post them here in the future...

This is the one that stood out most for me today. I feel that it has a lot of energy and life and makes me feel uplifted and inspired photographically.....

-- from BenYorke - (?)
BenYorke Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
First of all I'm flattered to have my art even considered among some the phenomenal photographers in this group.

This is definitely one of many of my favorite shots on flickr. The dof in shot is great and the different dimensions of the shot get better every time I see it. well done.

-- from Camilla Hoel - (?)
Camilla Hoel PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I would never have thought it would be this hard to choose, but I finally landed on this one.

Ever since I first saw it it has impressed me with the juxtaposition of the feelgood shapes and colours and the dreary grey in the background; the rounded shapes of sharp colour and the ragged cloth; warm and cold. It is one of those shots I return to and it makes me happy every time.

-- from skypecaptain - (?)
skypecaptain PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Wow. I never thought some of my pictures would show up here. Thank you :-)
When FiveAshes opened this discussion a couple of days back I already screened through many weekly pages just for fun. It is really hard to pick one out of thousands of great picturess. Please give me some more time to choose.

I like lilian3000 style in general. Its a nice blend of social documentary and classy looking black and white compositions. Its inspiring but hard to reach. One reason is that I can not 100 percent identify on what makes lilian3000 pictures so apealing to me.
I had a look at all of lilians pictures, faved some more and this one caught my eye. In the small size it looked like some rusty handgrenade on a beach and some bunker rotting away in the background. It turned out to be some machine gear on a unpaved road. It might sound quite boring, but if you have a look at the photograph you can see the diagonal lines give it some impressive dynamic. The dof is perfect, for my taste, leaving the gear fully in focus and smoothing everything else. Still the background is not blurred into submission and reveals nice patterns in the sky and an impressive horizontal line. The hint of texture in the sand connects nicely to the grain in the sky.
Its not the typical social documentary picture from lilian300 which I normally like but still it is one of my favorite keepers.

-- from lilian3000 - (?)
lilian3000 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Surprise for me too, my pic has been chosen here ;-)
So, this is what I found looking through the pool.

Like many of Stitches' photos this is unconventional but not too trashy. Especially about this one I have a good feeling...

-- from Stitch - (?)
Stitch Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
thanks lilian, am honored to have been chosen here. Weekly has been one of the few flickr groups i joined and still participate in, although lately i've been a slacker since i know what it takes to be a k33p3r, more or less ;)

on with this feature... I like Michael-D's shots, a good number are architectural. I love windows and doors. This particular photo has a touch of grunge and decay, also my favorite texture, and i love the rich colors.

-- from Michael-D - (?)
Michael-D Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Well, that was truly a surprise, and I must confess, a pleasurable one - thank you!

Anyway, my picked pic is from a photographer who's work I have respected as long as I have been in this group. The control of light shown is always masterful, and composition quite often sheer brilliance. I'm not always into the subject matter, but the image I have chosen below is definitely my cup of tea. Much of lillian3000's work is understated, without ott postprocessing, allowing the subject and the photographic subtleties to speak for themselves (that said, my selected example is much more dynamic than often is the case...)

Here it is:

"Plattenbau": building made with precast concrete slabs

-- from lilian3000 - (?)

(ps I hope it is ok to nominate the same photographer twice - some people really do deserve it...)

[I think it perfectly fine to do so :) - Congrats Lilian! ] FiveAshes
FiveAshes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I've picked this because it really stuck in my memory, it shows an example of how creative people in this group are, it's beautiful and mysterious and yet... (click the image to find out what it is)!

Well done notime4jibbaja!

-- from notime4jibbajabba - (?)
notime4jibbajabba Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks for the nod, 5A! I'm enjoying the other featured images, esp. lilian3000's half-buried geared column.

I apologize for my minimal participation this week--am on dial-up, away from home, and about to leave for a week in Chicago. Time constraints mean that I also didn't go very far back in the pool for my Featured Image selection. But the photo itself needs no apologies, as it rocks:

-- from d r a m a - (?)
dr ama Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks notimeforjibbijabba :)

-- from peopleinpixels - (?)
FiveAshes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
You have captured her character beautifully from the soft felt of her trilby to the big beads around her neck. For me, this isn't one of those sometimes voyeuristic shots of older people that can be a bit demeaning, this is a celebration of who she is as a person.

-- from too_thickskinned - (?)
David Arran Photography PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thank you Five.

The textures in this image are superb. The colours are vivid without being oversaturated. It was an instant favourite as soon as I saw it.

-- from Arkady Renko - (?)
Adam Schuetze Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
There is something menacing about this, the combination of ethereal blur, and how the face is the darkest region. I was skimming through the pool to refresh my memory, and once again this one leaped out at me.

-- from ski 9 - (?)
ski 9 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
A very pleasant surprise...thanks much for the nod Arkady! I spent a considerable amount of time looking through the pool....sooo many great images! I kept coming back to this one though.....it seems to perfectly capture a place and time in a beautifully subtle way.

-- from dio5 - (?)
dio5 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Oh, thanks a lot! That was one of the first images I took with my DSLR and looking back now there's so much that could have made this better. The timing and place were perfect, but I should have shot this on a tripod, ISO100 and in RAW... alas... :-)

Back to my selection. There are quite some I like in the pool but looking back one of those that I always found very special was this one:

-- from wildphotos4u - (?)

The colors, the dust and the expressions of the cows really make a special moment.
wildphotos4u PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Wow,....thank you dio5. It means alot to me as this photo is one of my favourites and it was also such a special and yet tormenting time in my life on the 'cattle station'. I'm such a softy when it comes to animals, that some of the memories here are quite haunting. Thanks again for choosing it.

Now on to my selection, it's been an extremely difficult choice, with so many great shots to choose from, but this one does it for me from Dro!d -

-- from dro!d - (?)
lecates Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks wildphotos4u. I was traveling for work this week. This was nice to come home to. :^)

A bunch of my faves are above. There are certainly more, but the image below was posted the same week I joined Weekly, and has stuck in my memory ever since. I'm humbled by quite a few of the group's photographers, including oskarpall.

-- from oskarpall - (?)
oskarpall Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
First of all I would like to thank dro!d a lot for this honor. There are so many outstanding photographers in this group, and even more great photographs.

On that never stops to amaze me is Blinked. I love heaps of his photos but the latest one to get my attention would be this one. Great piece of art!

-- from blinked - (?)
blinked Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
The fact that I got praise from Oskar made my heart skip several beats. Can that be? You surprised and humbled me - but really: you're the one who's amazing!

The reason I really wanted to be here is that I have had an all-time Weekly favorite and I've been itching to post it here - especially for the newer members who may not have seen it before.
(But then my left brain chimed in with its favorite, and now my two hemispheres are battling... picture that...)

For now, the right (creative) brain won:
Puss_in_boots' "drawing pins" is the quintessential photographic abstract for me, something you could imagine having come out of Rothko's mind - very "painterly" and compositionally just brilliant. One day I WILL hang this on my wall - big:

-- from puss_in_boots - (?)

Leaving the left brain favorite for next time.... it's very different, and very very cool, and it's from a Spaniard... wink wink :)
puss_in_boots PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thank you so much blinked. I'm very proud to have been chosen and to have been chosen by you. As a matter of fact I did remember that you liked this picture very much and so I had a sort of feeling that you might choose it.
And now for the next choice....never thought it would be so difficult, because going through the pool it's amazing how many high quality photos there are.
So I spent the whole evening without making up my mind, and finally this was my choice

-- from idogu - (?)

I think this is a truly wonderful image, and I hope idogu will contribute again to the group.

PS I just realized that I chose a black/white and green picture..... :)
idogu PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
puss_in_boots and FiveAshes: many thanks for choosing my picture and for re-inviting me to the group. You actually not only made me logging in to Flickr again after 3 months but also made me move my breakfast in front of my PC to browse the pool for a next picture.

I opt for Bibimorvarid's picture of the running dogs . Dynamic, full of live, well composed. Nothing to add.

-- from Bibimorvarid - (?)

If anybody tells me how to copy someone else's picture here, please let me know ...

[Hi - Click this link to find out how to paste images...:(?)]
blinked Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Could this be my opportunity to post my other favorite? I don't want to take away from Bibimorvarid but .... i can't resist...

Boqueron's "Carnival in Madrid" is so evocative, so dynamic due to the unusual angle and the waving hand... The wonderful tones, the mystery of the figures emerging from the fog in the background... it all adds up to a brilliant photograph of something that could have been really cheesy in someone else's hands.

-- from boqueron1052 - (?)

Weekly thread here
Jarle Ekanger Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
i'll just take a chance and hope it's OK i post this one:

-- from Andri Elfarsson - (?)
I like the landscape. and would really like to go there!
Andri Elfarsson PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I´d like to choose one of Helga Kvam´s photos in the group. She is the one that pointed this group out on an Icelandic photo chatting website. She is a brilliant landscape photographer as you can see on her site: www.flickr.com/photos/hkvam/ -

-- from hkvam - (?)
lecates Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
If I read the thread title correctly, may I be so bold: Overdue in this thread are any of the inspiring images by STO. If I venture back through the threads surviving, this one is among the best IMHO. I hope one day to capture the human condition so fearlessly as Martyn.

I should add: 27 Keepers. 0 Free flights. 28-0 if I had voted.

-- from Still The Oldie - (?)
[Did flickr kill hrefs? The thread: www.flickr.com/groups/weekly/discuss/72157601920427588/]
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I'm sure to no one's surprise my choice for the next 48 hours or so in the spotlight is a people shot. I never fail to get excited when someone has caught a very human moment, whether or not it's clear to us what that moment might be, and whether it's tragic, joyous, or even every day. Sometimes it's precise, like the execution of a Viet Cong, and sometimes we're left to create the story ourselves, like in this wonderful shot by Jay Wilkie of two brothers that's all about expression and body language, both of which he has captured brilliantly:

-- from jay_wilkie351971 - (?)

(Cheers 5Ashes, for the edit)
jay j wilkie Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
thanks oldie mate,im flattered . well my shot is also a people or person shot too. its one of my faves on the whole of flickr . even though you cannot see the girls face ,you know theres a huge grin on it!
i think the composition is fantastic too . i dont know how to post the picture direct to this thread so il leave the link if someone knows how too do it for me cheers .

-- from dro!d - (?)

thanks 5a
lecates Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Apologies for the delayed response - I've been on holiday and time near a computer has been scarce. I'm once again honored, and surprised - even more than I was surprised by my daughter accidentally running though the above photo.

This thread shouldn't go longer without an image by boqueron1052, amongst whose it would be tough to beat this photo. The intense stare of this little one knocks me over.

-- from boqueron1052 - (?)

The thread: www.flickr.com/groups/weekly/discuss/72157602453101603/

Edit: 5A points out that boqueron was chosen before. I missed that one as Jarle Ekanger made the following post. No matter - this image is an easy thread keeper IMHO. Perhaps this time boqueron will choose a successor? :^)
Harry Fisch Nomad Expediciones Fotograficas Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I am late...and ashamed ! Sorry for this unacceptable delay.. I have not been much in front of the computer lately and I just re-discovered this thread. I know that I am far away - for the second time - of the 48 hours..

This is - for me - a very special picture. The atmosphere goes far beyond the image. A clasical treatment, a very special use of the DOF , the framing and the light.

A work of Art

-- from puss_in_boots - (?)
FiveAshes 10 years ago
OK, I have set up a sister group called Weekly Featured Image Gallery.

I will invite all the photos from the featured image thread to post there and in the meantime I will make all these images small size except for the last one.... Phew

puss_in_boots PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I looked at the weekly photos that I faved recently and I found this one.
It was rather controversial and narrowly went through, but I loved the sequence, the wave-like pattern, the rather humoristic attitude. So I choose it for this gallery.

-- from Bill(iudshi8uf) - (?)
Bill(iudshi8uf) PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bill(iudshi8uf) (member) 10 years ago
Thanks Pussy.

I was actually really surprised at the love this picture received. I have mixed feeling myself actually although I'm starting to believe the praise (or maybe I just wanna believe).

In the voting one voter wrote, 'sorry this doesn't do it for me. it just looks like many badly resized pictures'. Truthfully, I can kind of see that. It may be sad and pathetic; it might even be a cop-out but I've been getting away with crappiness as a charm point I'm sticking with it. On the other hand, Dust Spots went so far as to compare me to Eadweard Muybridge. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Muybridge-1.jpg
That's a very flattering comparison but I can see those kind of good qualities in this as well. I like the sense of movement in this shot myself. Some folks complained about the decapitations but I think the facelessness of the subjects combined with their exagerrated lankiness provides a humorous goofy-stormtrooper anonymity. Again, I'm really glad that this picture received any notice at all because it is, perhaps even fairly, a shot that is very easy to dismiss.
Bill(iudshi8uf) PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago

-- from skypecaptain - (?)

You would think with all the great pictures here it would be a hard choice. However, I love this shot so much it was easy. It's the only picture from flickr I've ever printed. I would like to show this to every child with lousy, abusive or neglectful parents and say you can do it! You can grow strong! You can cut your own damn hair, feed yourself and make it in this world! I know it's weird the things I get sentimental about sometimes but this picture just hits the spot!
skypecaptain PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Still life with Blind Light exhib & hand...

-- from meesta meesta - (?)

I liked this shot back then and still like it now. The fog nicely reduces the dof and diffuses the person just hinting the body and putting max focus on the hand/fingers.
Its innovative and looks great. It is quite inspiring and makes me want to try something similar.
I like how where the finger contact the glass they have a different color than the rest of the fingers.
FiveAshes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
OK, I'll pick the next one - I can't let another image go by without a contribution from Claypanpete. I absolutely loved his aerial series at 20,000 ft. The composition is excellent and I just can't get over how great it is to have such a large scale image that could be interpreted as macro either way, it's cool and clever so that's why I'm pickin' it.

-- from claypanpete - (?)

BTW I couldn't help noticing the pool is full of great images from you!
claypanpete Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
That is kind of you Ashes Thanks. I will do this now because I am out for a few days.
The shot is from mark mark, a photographer I admire and one of the first shots of his I saw on weekly. This is an example of his interesting way of stacking texture or colour, and often both. I find myself looking long at his photos especially his more subtle efforts, waiting for it to strike and it usually does.

-- from mark_mark - (?)
mark_mark PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks for your kind words, CPP.

wildphotos4u has posted some fine pictures in Weekly, and she has many more in her stream. This pelican photo is one of my favorites.

-- from wildphotos4u - (?)
wildphotos4u PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Wow, thank you mark_mark! It makes me feel really good when someone I least expected it from (you) notices, and appreciates my work, so thanks again!

A very difficult choice now. Makes you realise, just how many fantastic shots there are from ALL OF YOU on Weekly, when you take the time to look back.

-- from BenYorke - (?)

One that always comes to my mind, and stands out in wonder for me, is one from Ben Yorke, titled 'independence'. I love everything about this shot, the boy, his frozen expression with those 'eyes' the bubble motion and all the action behind him. Lighting & colour are also big features here. Technically Brilliant in my eyes. Well done Ben!
BenYorke Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks very much for your vote wildphotos4u. I was ever so tempted to reciprocate given all the great shots on your stream, but I decided to try to steer clear from the overly cliche. I went with an old one from dio5. I absolutely love it! I am about to go on a week long ski trip so it is particularly engaging right now. But everything is technically sound to me and the especially dark tones of the sky are fantastic contrast. I'm sorry to say I've forgotten how to post an embedded image as classes don't permit heavy flickr usage any more. If some one could help me here I'd be much obliged. For now here's this...

-- from dio5 - (?)
lecates Posted 10 years ago. Edited by lecates (moderator) 10 years ago
I've hesitated to jump in here again, but how about this one from PiP? I think it was my first fave from the group. Stunning detail, tone treatment. Subtle breaks in the symmetry. I've spent way too much time looking over this one. Just amazing.


The thread.
Peopleinpixels - Alfonso Batalla PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
I do not know how to post the picture here.
On the oher hand I was to choose one of boqueron cuban series, but as you all know we are close friends, here is my choice, from Arkady Renko

-- from Arkady Renko - (?)
Adam Schuetze Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
This one leapt out at me, I like the starkness (big surprise eh?) and the odd feeling that I'm being watched, like they are talking about me.

The Watchers
Capella Boltiador PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Michael-D (member) 10 years ago
gladly :)

-- from wildphotos4u
this was an immediate fave. have tried to do something like this but have horribly failed, so I appreciate this a lot. IMHO The focus is perfect, the details on the feather and of course, the timing of the graceful spread of the wings is amazing.
wildphotos4u PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 10 years ago
Thanks so much Pia. This was very uplifting for me to see you had chosen this one. :)

-- from claypanpete - (?)

It has been a difficult choice for me here, and I have chosen one which I truly adore, from claypanpete (week 129). Yes he is my brother, but it has nothing to do with it. His vision is unique and I feel this shot shows it so well. I agree with nt4jj- museum quality and a masterpiece.
claypanpete Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
Thanks wild,,,,nice joke about being your brother,,, chuckle,,,
This one is special to me. Anyway I am going for a strong moody shot from toothickskinned, in which I could wallow for some time. Brilliant shot mate!

-- from too_thickskinned - (?)
David Arran Photography PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
Wow, thank you for the second nomination to this thread, I'm seriously chuffed!

This is one of my favourite images from recent submissions to the group. I think because I've been concentrating on my own wildlife and macro techniques recently, this one jumped out at me as soon as I saw it.

-- from d r a m a - (?)
dr ama Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
Thanks tpp_thickskinned :)

A true story teller from dust spots

-- from dustspots - (?)
dustspots Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
Wow... Many thanks for the encouragement drama... :)

I absolutely adore this image by Arkady Renko... It's raw and grainy...
and most importantly... it's not at all what it initially seems...

-- from Arkady Renko - (?)
Adam Schuetze Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
Apologies for the delay in picking the next one, I've been working a lot, haven't even logged into flickr in weeks. Thanks dustspots for picking my photo, and thanks Still the Oldie for sending me that message to alert me to that fact :) It's one of my favorites I've taken.

My selection for this thread literally leaped off the screen at me. Whatever is is that I like about this photo, I am not able to put into words, I can't explain it. It's something visceral, something undefined.

It's by Lady Vervaine.

-- from Lady Vervaine - (?)
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
After 72 hours, an admin choice:

Here's an example of how stark and simple can be stunning, by Joiseyshowaa:

-- from joiseyshowaa - (?)
joiseyshowaa PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FiveAshes (admin) 9 years ago
I am struck by the ability of someone to take an ordinary simple thing and make it interesting. It's a hard thing to do. My photos often take something interesting and find an interpretation.

But here's a wonderful example where there was just a stupid dead leaf - and somehow here's a dozen story lines flowing from it. Besides, it also offers a bold composition with just part of the human off in the distance. This is something that I most likely would never ever have attempted.

This is from dio5's photo stream and the weekly pool.

-- from dio5 - (?)

Thanks for the honor STO! It's really cool to have one of my photos picked.
Jarle Ekanger 9 years ago
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Jarle, for refreshing this feature, which our departed dio5 had graced but not responded to.

Falling back on droit de senior I have called up this wholly refreshing winter image from Mamie, who is currently recovering from (apparently successful!) eye surgery...

Hoarfrost and berries
Mary Susan Smith PRO 9 years ago
My apologies for the long delay. I'm happy to report that my recovery from laser eye surgery is quite on schedule, to the point that I've actually been able to get out with my camera and get some new shots. Thanks for the honour, Martyn, it is quite humbling to be included in a thread with so many incredibly talented photographers. I guess that leaves the next choice up to me. When I first saw this shot by Tarlyn, I was amazed by the technical processing of the shot but what held my attention and kept me coming back to it was the expression on the young boy's face. Staged or not (and I know not which), to me it is priceless and evokes memories of the piano lessons I was reluctantly forced to endure as a child.

"Tangled" by tarlyn [?]
Tarlyn PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
Thank you so much for the honour of selecting my shot.

My choice is this amazing triptych by Boqueron.
I love the composition and movement, and find the treatment inspired. It is almost like as the viewer we become involved with in the action, or are voyeurs. Lovely and cinematic. Hope you like it too.

Jarle Ekanger 9 years ago
*bump?* maybe we should stick to active photographers?
Mary Susan Smith PRO 9 years ago
Perhaps a comment on the photo page of the selected photo will nudge the photographer to make their selection?
claypanpete Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
Here's a revival of the featured image thread with a notime "snapshot". I love it and feel it deserves a place. Framing, light, body language and story: it's all here:

notime4jibbajabba Posted 9 years ago. Edited by notime4jibbajabba (admin) 9 years ago
This dustspots masterpiece rises above particulars, into the realm of universal archetypes. It is the kind of shot I dream of producing:

--"hill" by dustspots
madczech1271 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by madczech1271 (member) 9 years ago
I second the dustspots rave. Her work kicks butt !
dustspots Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
notime (and madczech)... My goodness... Thank you... Though it's wonderful, I'm not sure if I deserve, or am worthy of such praise!!! I'll wallow in it for the next 72 hours anyway!!! :)

@ notime... Are you sure you haven't already achieved 'it'... the image posted above has some rather remarkable qualities to it! :)

And now for my choice... joiseyshowaa's... foto... I love it, it's quirky, shirks all traditional notions of 'the perfect crop', has great physical dynamics, and a questionable scenario, but most of all it has wit... Well done! :)

joiseyshowaa PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by joiseyshowaa (member) 9 years ago
That was a family portrait. Caught heck for it from the family. Glad to see it's finally appreciated. hehe

Nomination from clayanpete.

I picked this because I hated it when I first saw it. Well, 'hated' is too strong of a word. But it's certainly nothing I would have done. But through the comments, I learned to see it in a new light. Learned to appreciate it and really ended up liking it. Seems true to the theme of this group ... learning to see things in a new light.

Can someone smarter than me please post the foto in here? I
have the URL reference. Don't know how to insert the foto.

Grub Lubbor 9 years ago
Here you go:

on sacred ground
claypanpete Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
thanks joiesy,,,I think :).!
Heres one from Ventia-b that I return to from time to time> It helps me stand back sometimes and give subjects room to work. I love the feelings contained within it as well as the teasing composition with 'too much sky". Fully engaging beautifully toned picture.

venetia b PRO 9 years ago
wow - thanks so much claypanpete; what an honour to be in this fabulous gallery. I will have to put some thought in to picking the next image, so hopefully people can bear with me for a couple of days.
venetia b PRO 9 years ago
well it's very hard to choose. When I look through my favourites I have so many from members of this group. I was tossing up between recent ones from dro!d, Lady Vervaine and Tarlyn, but finally I chose this one from Michael-D. It's the kind of shot that I would probably never take or even see, but I would hang it large on my wall and happily stare at it for hours. It has depth, mystery, richness and a poetic resonance that I adore.

-- from Michael-D(new works) - (?)
venetia b PRO 9 years ago
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Gentle reminder: this feature needs to be 'self-serve' by WEEKLY members...
Michael-D(new works) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Michael-D(new works) (member) 9 years ago
Sorry folks - i had not seen this appear - and thanks venetia for the honour!

I'm just about to peruse the pool to make my selection : )

PS - because threads become so quickly buried, might it be a good idea for the person selecting the image to notify the the newly featured photographer that their work has been selected??
Michael-D(new works) Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
What can I say - every now and then there comes an image that is not just good, but one that I really wish I had taken. That is to say, while there is some very fine work in WEEKLY, sometimes there are images that really capture the mood/method/message that you are trying to evoke in your own work, in a way that you have never achieved yourself... this is one such image:

Bloch Building in the rain
venetia b PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by venetia b (member) 9 years ago
yes, sorry M-D. I meant to, just forgot

that's a really great pick (and pic) by the way
Rob Scumaci PRO 9 years ago
Nice choice M-D
juj ~ PRO 9 years ago
thank you so much Michael - I'm honored to have this shot chosen, even more so after spending an afternoon surfing back thru the great pool of WEEKLY keepers.
I finally settled on this shot, because no matter what else I looked at the stunning simplicity of this kept calling me back. For me, it 'sings'.
-- from ButterStones - (?)
Charlie Clift 9 years ago
juj ~ PRO 9 years ago
I contacted ButterStones the day after I posted this image, but no response obviously. STO - do you want to pick a new one?
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
From Week 17, this shot by Ennor strikes me as a wonderful exercise in vantage and perspective (as well as colour, and also putting the photographer's stamp on existing art...).

Ennor PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for this honour STO. I shall peruse the pool and find another to post here, I already have one in mind if I can find it!
Ennor PRO 9 years ago
There are of course many great images here to choose from, but it wasn't too difficult for me to choose one special image I like from the many submitted in the early days of this group by Helga Kvam hkvam. This is one of my all time favourite images on flickr, the lighting and composition are wonderful.....
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Still setting standards!
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
Wish we had hkvam back in the fold (no surprise that there are two of her shots in this gallery)...

But from another of our pioneer members - stitch, who has also been selected before - comes this terrific further example from a long line of images that push the boundaries through low-tech equipment and experimental processing. Not sure that stitch always knows how a shot is going to turn out, but this one turned out fine indeed!

fading light
Stitch 9 years ago
hey sto, thanks for the selection. i have to shoot more often with my plastic holga. so i had to go back to the stream and checked what stood out for me based on my biases for architecture and simplcity i found this gem by Traces in the Sand.

-- from Traces in the Sand
Traces in the Sand [deleted] 9 years ago
many thanks for the selection Stitch! Glad you like that one. I had a hunt through, and while a lot of minimal and architectural shots automatically drew my eye, it was this sumptuous armchair that jumped out at me. The lighting is wonderful, and the colour enough to warm me on a cold Ankara day.


by dustspots
dustspots 9 years ago
Thank you for choosing my armchair image Traces in the Sand... it's actually one of my personal favourites - and the real thing is very comfortable too! :)

My choice is droid's marvellous image of flying fish... droid has has managed to capture these three shimmering creatures in an exceptionally unusual and interesting way.

flying fish by lecates
lecates 9 years ago
LOL. Thanks very much dustspots. I get a big kick out of this photo because I came so close to deleting it and then it became my best received Weekly submit ever.

A photographer that jumps out at me for a library of eye-popping photos is Chris (archi3d). His processing is subtle but paints fantastic light. I usually react viscerally and negatively to HDR images on Flickr, but Chris's images are something unique and always impress me. One which sticks in clearly in my memory is this:


But I could easily have chosen many others.
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Chris has made his choice for the next selection - and it offers a timely twist on a current group discussion/debate.

But we'll let Chris bask in the light himself for another day or so, as we continue to marvel at the tones he achieves...
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Chris has chosen this singular aerial by Sparkle-and-fade that straddles the abstract and the concrete. A vivid capture of a coastline, but a view and outcome that is as much design as it is illustration...

_+-=. Windows in the Skies .=-+_

And there was ever only a 'Medium' size submitted!
Chris (archi3d) PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Martyn,
Yes, i chose this aerial view because it did remind me how everything is beautiful, captured "from the eye of god".
Photographer "Sparkle~and~Fade" provided a great vision from this angle. He says it's above Chicago and lake Michigan.
Everything is question of point of view. And the earth appears to be so peaceful from the sky. Dream or reality ? - Both maybe...
Sparkle~and~Fade Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Sparkle~and~Fade (member) 9 years ago
Thank you very much for this nomination! I am really thrilled and honoured :) I took quite a few shots from the plane window of this scene, as always only one proved to be spectacular. I'm glad you guys liked this one!

Here is my favourite:

Since blue is my favourite colour, I was immediately attracted to this one. However, it's the vivid reflections, the fantastic capture of light and surreal clouds that make this photograph a winner for me. The entire photostream makes me want to jump on a plane and visit Iceland! Hope all of you enjoy my selection :)

P.S. Sparkle~and_fade is a "she" :)
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 9 years ago
The previous honouree is inactive at present, but she has asked that we select the next featured image on her behalf.

This striking, enigmatic, and disturbing shot from blinked raises questions that it doesn't answer, while offering tons of detail to discover and ponder. The B&W, high-contrast treatment adds to the story and to the impact...

Junk yard princess
blinked 9 years ago
Yes, yes. I'm here. It's the weekend and WEEKLY is closed. I had plenty of time and fun grasing the pool. Problem is, I came up with 11 images to put here. I need more ...time... Can I select 5? :P

STO - i can't believe you picked this image from Ron's junkyard! I have to go back there one of those days - see if she's still waiting.
Still The Oldie PRO 9 years ago
Take your time.

BTW: she's not real?
blinked Posted 9 years ago. Edited by blinked (member) 9 years ago
Oh, she's real!

With my apologies to Tarlyn, puss_in_boots, Diann, claypanpete, schradivari, Arkady Renko and dustspots, whose images stuck out at to me equally while browsing all the way back to page 100, I choose this one from rodders fool, because i just love it when a photo screws with my mind.
Stacks by rodders.

(Weekly thread)
(my photo commenting tool stopped working, so this is as good as I can do.)
Charlie Clift 9 years ago

i love this thread guys, please keep it going...i learn so much from here.
rodders. 9 years ago
thanks to blinked for the choice....very much appreciated :-)

...and many thanks too to venetia for bringing my attention to the fact that my shot was the featured image - i really really must spend more time in this group because it's great.

...anyway i will pick one of the fine images here and come back to you all asap
rodders. 9 years ago
"the fire" by claypanpete [?]
the fire

this one is absolutely incredible - so authentic and memorable. the lone figure walking towards the smoke is exceptionally powerful, but even more so the birds clustered on the tree, showing solidarity to the end. a classic
venetia b PRO 9 years ago
oh yes, a brilliant shot
SucculentGoddess PRO 9 years ago
i adore this shot ... i love it large
Charlie Clift 9 years ago
got to agree: clay that is an amazing shot!
Jarle Ekanger 9 years ago
claypanpete is active isn't he??
claypanpete Posted 9 years ago. Edited by claypanpete (member) 9 years ago
more or less Jarle,,,Gosh forgot all about it. Thanks for bringing to my attention.
Thanks rodders really an honour from you mate. I will go in search now.,,,,,
So I am going for this: www.flickr.com/photos/puss_in_boots/3069735642/ Someone post it please.
from the slinky one. I have been a fan of his work for some time and especially in the last while hold him as right up there in the creative stakes. This particular shot took my breath away, and is one I will always return to. Really needs to be huge on a wall with a comfy couch to enjoy it from.
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