chloe & ivan PRO 2:56pm, 27 April 2011
Come on out and bring a camera!
Sat, 10 am
Downtown Dunkin on Westminster,
the one through the alley across Kennedy Plaza by CVS.
(or go through CVS)

They have a delightful morning crew, and are used to me getting my doughnut in a box so it won't get crushed for a picture. That is a far cry from North Attleboro where I was forbidden to take pictures of donuts!
Brunch, anyone?

And The Big Draw will be going on at the RISD Museum,
starting at 11.
Hope to meet some of you! Chloe C.
chloe & ivan PRO 6 years ago
Providence was founded by the Independent Man.
There are not a lot of joiners.
I get that.

But jeeeze, you guys.
You take a lot of good pictures and post them.
There might be special donuts on Saturday.
Just sayin'.
Kevin PRO 6 years ago
Just, wow.

Day of The Donut IV by chloe & ivan

chloe & ivan PRO 6 years ago
haha! Thanks!
Didn't meet up with anyone new, but did run into good friends in the city today who were happy to eat donuts.
Dunkin reported that someone had been in with a camera earlier,
I wonder if it was a local lurker doing DOTD.
I'll update this if I find out who it might have been.
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