fictures 10:12pm, 9 March 2005
If it's from an individual I personally know (or have known online for quite a while), of course, I do care! But a stranger's diary?!? Oh come on!

What's your opinion regarding this?

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FlyButtafly PRO 13 years ago
I think if you don't care, you should't read it! People blog for all different reasons... I find it interesting to read things from different people's perspectives. You can always learn new things and sometimes challenge your views... So what's the point of this thread... to bash people's blogs? It sounds a bit antagonistic to me...
This is just a survey, geez!

So that's one against one.

My opinion of course, is just that, an opinion. And I respect yours, so don't be mad. That's why I asked, "what's your opinion?"
I dont read personl blogs tehy dont reall do it for me, I mainly read tec blogs and stuff, and web meme blogs like my own.
fictures 13 years ago
Why do I have this feeling that this is gonna be such a hot topic?

That's right, it's about time we add more spice to these threads! I like opposing viewpoints and clashes of opinions, these make us healthier intellectually and socially.


Alright, let's carry on!
Barrybar PRO 13 years ago
Public means just that: public. What people do and what people think and how people behave interests me. Of course, so does the ant kingdom. When ants start blogging, I'll be reading them too.
Style of writing is important to me. People who write well can make ANYTHING sound interesting. People who write poorly lose the audience, no matter how exciting the subject. There's so much to read and look at on the internet -- why waste time slogging through the nondescript?
Very well said, Barrybar!

gail, your point is lucid. I'll take it as: if the writer has a brilliant way of writing the diary (you know, things and events that happened that day), you'll read it. On the contrary, if the diary's unremarkably done, you can care less. Worthy of note, I reckon.

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quas 13 years ago
(You can edit your posts, BTW. :)

I think it depends on what you mean by a "diary". If you mean sobbing, emotional confessions, I'm not interested (usually).

This, on the other hand, is very much worth reading, IMHO:
fictures 13 years ago
Thanks for the tip. =)
Mac Diva 13 years ago
Since I have only so much time to read blogs, I tend to read issues oriented ones. But, that doesn't mean a person can't write a personal blog that is interesting to read. The problem with most personal blogs is the same as the problem with most people -- they aren't interesting enough to hold strangers' attention for long.

I agree with Quas' point. Sometimes personal blogs just show how shallow a person is. Or they are so melodramactic, they're unintentionally funny. Example: I recall reading a blog by a guy who was a bargainer with God. He would promise to do X or Y if God would grant him this or that. One episode I remember involved a trip to the supermarket. The fellow tried to write a check for his groceries, but it was rejected. He had two other bad checks on record with Safeway or Kroger. Our blogging compatriot was furious with God for not letting him get away with that third bad check-:).

Note to Fictures: I thnk two entries to promote your blog in the same group may be enough for a while.
fictures 13 years ago
Excellent points and a very entertaining example!

Rest assured, I will take your advice and not start any new topics on this group for the next few months. However, you can't stop me from starting new threads on the other groups. :-P *kidding*
sugar_ [deleted] 13 years ago
I mostly skim, I just want to look at pictures! :)
firemind 13 years ago
I think there has to be some connection that engages a reader. The more personal and detailed the diary is, the more effort it takes to read fairly. It also takes more time. Blogs that are too remote or consist of nothing but memes and/or Boing Boing links (for example) are too transparent and easy to forget.

I read a variety of blogs and find that the most important point for me is 'voice' - ie how the person writes as well as what is being said.
styler* PRO 13 years ago
if a blog is political do you bother reading it?
if a blog is about computers do you bother reading it?
fictures 13 years ago
Ellipse, yes to both of your questions.

But similar to gail's opinion, a scantily written blog about politics or computers would get the "close browser" option for me, sorry.
think cink 13 years ago
quas: oooh fellow dooce fan!

For me, if the person writes well, I'd read a diary-style blog, sure. The funny ones usually get my vote. Most of the blogs I read, I'm not reading for information, but for inspiration or wisdom or even just pure entertainment.

I have almost zero interest in tech blogs, but also like political blogs. I suppose it all comes down to personal interests. :)
basykes 13 years ago
I have been reading some blogs for so long that I feel I know the writer quite well. Others I read because they write well, but I don't feel as "invested" in their lives. The blogger to whom I feel the closest is Rob Rummel-Hudson of Darn Tootin', whose daughter, now 4, suffers from a genetic disease which will prevent her from talking throughout her life. Following Schuyler's story from the excitement of her birth through all the testing to diagnose her problem is a journey I have taken with them, though we don't have any personal relationship and will never meet.

I update my blog daily and am much more likely to read someone who writes daily than someone who only writes sporadically.
Kristal 13 years ago
The wonderful thing about blogs is that they are as varied as the people who write them. My blog is a 'diary'. I don't presume that anyone will care, but if they do they are welcome. I don't read political or technical blogs. There are some really good diary type blogs out there. I won't plug mine, but check out Andrea's. To me, the best personal blogs are ones that offer pictures in addition to words.
I'm with Gail and Barrybar all the way here. It is possible to write interestingly about anything, if you are a good writer. Sometimes a more autobiographical note on a technical blog can be a really interesting glimps into the person behind the information I come for.

If the blog is really personal, it can feel like the author should know better than to put it on the web, but I've read some good ones, too. It's all in the writing.
cindylu 13 years ago
I care if I have some kind of connection with the person or if we have a lot in common. Otherwise, I'm not too interested in what you had for breakfast and I don't expect strangers to care about that with me.

Oh yeah... good writing helps!
That's what I like cindylu, complete honesty! Thanks.
Tim Zim 13 years ago
There are a vast number of different types of diary blogs, so it's impossible to have a sweeping opinion on strangers diaries.

Different styles of diary are more likely to appeal to some people, but not others depending on their age and interests. Other than friends and family I do not expect too many people to be interested in my blog, no matter how well it's written.

Those strangers that are interested in the story of the conversion of an old fishing trawler are, of course, very welcome. I'm at I didn't mean to but...
Julie70 Joyoflife PRO 13 years ago
Excuse me, I am 70 and lots of different age people read my blog, and I enjoy theirs, I do not think age matters, interest yes, a lot more, and even more if that is personal (as we like) or politic, technic, etc. that others love.

And, yes, personnally I do care a lot and as two days ago my main blog disapeared, it hearts me a lot.
dcJohn 13 years ago
What I dislike even more is this new genre of pseudo news and business sites that call themselves a "blog" but don't have a shred of the personal journal component. Blogging is more than just using a particular format and script; it's also a genre, and part of that genre includes the personal/journaling component.
Gankaku 13 years ago
I like reading other peoples' blogs if they have something to say that's interesting to me. Usually it's techie stuff.

However, LiveJournal's a community, so if you add a friend here or there, you end up reading their blogs entries on your friend's pages. It's not difficult to become interested in your friends' lives, and to start reading their journals. If they're not on for a few days you wondered what happened to them! LOL
Off topic, but I totally agree with you, dcJohn! I thought blogging has to have some touch of personal views, research, experience, or knowledge, but those ones you mentioned just don't belong to blogs. Maybe we're wrong dcJohn, but I think we made some valid points.
Mac Diva 13 years ago
DCJohn does indeed have point. There is a trend afoot, spurred by some 'Internet services,' firms, to use blogs mainly for commercial purposes. If people start seeing blogs as just another avenue to advertise products, they will avoid them. I don't like the trend, but don't know what can be done about it.
Fatty Tuna 13 years ago
*raises hand* Dooce-fan here. I think it's human nature to want to get into someone else's life. (I personally don't like reading personal blogs of people I know. That's more nosy than intrigued.) Before blogging, the interest used to be limited to celebs, but now we get to peek into the lives of "ordinary" people. Which may sometimes prove to be more interesting.
Weave PRO 13 years ago
Dooce is great, isn't she?

I think it boils down to this: there are a lot of average people in the world, but every once in awhile, you meet someone who captivates you, whether in person or via their blog. So many blogs are boring, irrelevant, or self-serving. A few are totally engaging.

Those of us over 40 were, generally speaking, raised to not "overshare" as much as those 20 years younger. For us, blogs as journals often strike us as hugely egotistical, pathetically self-absorbed or dysfunctionally oversharing. For a lot of 20-year-olds I know, they're an essential part of sharing who they are with their friends. It's interesting from a cultural perspective... I blog about blogging (and podcasting, photo sharing, etc.) here... for whatever that's worth. ;)
rzklkng [deleted] 13 years ago
If somebody blogs about their hobby, workplace, area of focus, or politics, and gives you their personal opinion on current events, is that any less personal than what someone had for breakfast?

And as far as reading a stranger's diary...cracking someone's password on a private diary is wrong. Reading and taking a voyeuristic in someone elses life that's put out their for public consumption is great. Better to read about the mundane lives or ordinary people than to rush off and buy "People" so I can see if Jessica and Nick are still together,
sume 13 years ago
The variety and types of blogs out there is what makes reading blogs so interesting. Diary blogs are windows into another person's life. Haven't you ever looked at a stranger next to you and wondered what their life is like? Wondered if you were the only one who thought the way you do?

I'm still amazed when I discover I have so much in common with people I wouldn't expect. I don't think blogging is just about putting yourself out there for narcissistic reasons, it's also about finding commonalities with people.

A blog is an individual's space to put whatever they feel like putting out there. People who don't like to read them, don't have to but it's great that they're out there for people who do.
Fatty Tuna 13 years ago
Haha rzk, the bit about Jessica and Nick. My thoughts EXACTLY.
non_prom_queen 13 years ago
I could care less. :)
Laserone ☆ Lauren 13 years ago
I love reading other people's blogs even if they are just online diaries. If I find someone that thinks like me it's great. If I find someone who's going through the same thing I'm going through, it's nice to know I'm not alone. If I find somone who's caustic and funny, I'm entertained. I like reading online diaries. I keep one. I don't care if 2 people or 2000 people read mine. I do it for myself, for catharsis, and for my own memories. People read mine, I like to read others. To each their own though. *shrug* :)
guitar_junky 13 years ago
I agree with a few people on here. I mean it's always been for me that whole feeling of "hmm I wonder what they are thinking" type of things. I don't write for friends though, the stuff I get into on my blog is more feelings that I'm not ready to share. So yeah I have a personnal blog, and whomever that would like to read it is free to, because it is public, but I can see your views on why reading a random persons views is a little...different?
Vermont Ferret PRO 13 years ago
Interesting question. Maybe another way to ask it would be "Since a blog is a stranger's public DIARY, why would you read it?"

My favorite blogs are personal, descriptive, analytical, incisive, honest, and loaded with a small (but succulent) array of carefully chosen photos, vividly described. My favorite blogs are written by truly clever people (e.g., dooce)--you can pretend to be intelligent in a blog and possibly get away with it; you can't pretend to be clever.

I want to read diaries by people who find their lives interesting enough to describe it intelligently and draw me into it. I want to hear about their kids and their friends; look at their art; find out what makes them angry, unhappy, wistful, deleriously happy; I want to be so charmed by their lives that I'd want to be their friend, but not really be one.
I agree with Ferret - I love to read blogs if they are engaging and the author takes time with them...sometimes helps me with my own perspective
the.myrmidon 13 years ago
Sure, I could care. Depends whether I'm reading tripe or the masterful prose of an accomplished wordsmith.
melissathegoofy 13 years ago
I don't think it matters. Writing is writing and it depends on the writing as opposed to the topic. Someone can make rain interesting if they write it well.
JKPorter 13 years ago
I think that when a person sets up a Blog on line s/he is opening them selves up to be read by any and every one. If they don't want that to happen then they should stick to the book forms of bloging ;-)!
knicole7 13 years ago
It's just like a Discussion Group. Do you really care about what anyone has to say? Unless it's like a direct question like, "Where's the best place to get a taco in Boston?" (The answer is nowhere) it doesn't really matter. Open questions like these are just personal rants anyway. Much like personal blogs.
Seems like there's 3 main views on reading blog diaries. Some readers enjoy admiring fine writing; others love the reality element, seeing how other people live, and reading between the lines; and the 3rd group are uncomfortable reading someone's diary, feeling embarrassed or seeing only narcissism.

Most of the time I'm in the second group. Almost every personal blog I read is interesting, and a kind of transient social experience. I admire people who can share a bit of themselves, making the world a slightly richer place. And if they write especially well, for me that's a bonus but not the main game.

By the way, thank you to fictures for kicking off this really enjoyable thread.
Adalmin's Life 13 years ago
Well, I find reading about all the mundane crap that a person does over the course of a day to be really boring, i.e. it's not much fun to read that X went to Location Y and did Activity Z.

However, if someone really keeps a blog for his or her own personal use, then that's fine. But if it's a public blog that he or she expects people to read and comment on, then some content management is needed.

A public blog should interest the public, no?


Much like mine.
WUSA ::the lazy sock:: 13 years ago
Hmmm, could be interesting but mostly it is confusing cuz some are weired!
carignan PRO 13 years ago
You should be able to do anything you want to do with your blog. It's all about freedom of choice.
ShaSpleen 13 years ago
Is anyone answering the original question?

Most of the time, no, I don't care. But I have run across one blog where I did become interested and now follow. In this way, the blog was a way to meet and understand this person better.

This I belive is exactly the point, we publish our thoughts on the Internet of all places, not for privacy, but for accessebility. We want people to read it, and understand us better. If this is not the goal, then a paper and pen would do just fine.
Xeusy PRO 13 years ago
The problem with blogs and their precursors was that they were mostly written by people in the web design industry.

Now it's opened up a lot to a wider swathe of people and you can find some very interesting folks with blogs these days because the publishing packages are easier to use.
Erik R. Bishoff PRO 13 years ago
Those who are lactose intolerant may wish to avoid a stranger's dairy... but I, for one, couldn't care less.

It's good to see people taking their dairy so seriously.

I myself don't have a dairy but I do have a blog which I find much more managable.
Bridie Macdonald 13 years ago
I'm new to reading blogs (only having created one at the start of this year). But I find myself "reading" photo blogs the most. I alos like food and "how to" blogs. I guess I need to feel like I'm expanding my knowledge base just a little bit when I read them.
I care if it's someone I know or someone I'm interested in, for whatever reason. A stranger? Hmmmm. I might read it, but wouldn't continue reading it if it weren't interesting. There are a bunch of things that could make it interesting, though: the writing might be compelling; the author might live and and talk about a city I'd like to know about; the author might have an interesting hobby or do out-of-the-ordinary things... The person might also be off hir rocker, which would make hir blog interesting too.
Han-nuh 13 years ago
I read political blogs. Diary blogs strike me as a little bit creepy if they contain private information....I think "Why do they want me to know that?"
Khushee [deleted] 13 years ago
I don't get how a diary can be a diary if it's public. And I usually read things which interest me, so even if it was a personal diary of someone, as long as it interested me, I would read it. Some people regard blogs as their diaries. I wouldn't say mine is diary, it's just a place for me to write.
I usually don't read personal stuff unless I know the person in some way.

Apart from one that's very explict and makes me laugh out loud. I'll not post the link here but if anyone wants to know it drop me an email.

I wouldn't class my blog as a diary. I tend to post stuff that I think will interest people, I might rant occasionally, but that's about it! LOL
^riza^ 13 years ago
Some of them write for their self. I don't care too much unless he/she was my friend or the content is insteresting.
Viking KARWUR 13 years ago
I care...
Maked [deleted] 13 years ago
I think it's insane the way people write abut their personal lives on BLOGS. I mean, expressing an opinion of any sort is OK, but the way people put up the personal stuff I see is to me, just nuts. It's also dangerous considering the amount of nut cases on the net, the ease one can obtain address with Google, and the ease of capturing an IP address. I especially worry about teens who do it thinking it's an innocent activity.
the.myrmidon 13 years ago
Writing is a tonic for the troubled soul. That's what is important. However, bloggers need to remember that we live in a judgemental world. Some of what you write could easily come back to haunt you or lift you to new heights some day. People may or may not care, but what you put in your blog will follow you around quite a while.
cobalt123 PRO 13 years ago
I blog in many blogs, some public and some private. In my political-oriented blogs, yes, I also have personal journal posts. This makes the political issues far more meaningful because a reader will see how the direct results of politics and government doings affect my family. Most people come to my blogs for the politics and also eclectic contents and some stay because of it. Some also stay readers because I will put in the personal. I've had many a "power blogger" link to my posts because I detail the results of "social policy" on real people.
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