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Group Description

Post images suggesting Law Enforcement corruption, fraud, abuse, graft, negligence, violence, and stupidity to this group.

It appears the duty of many law enforcement officers has come to mean "harass and control". Shouldn't we be asking ourselves whatever happened to the once proud phrase scribed onto the door of police vehicles stating, "To Protect and Serve"? And why are there not more people curious about the Constitutional myths once referred to as the "right to privacy", "freedom of speech", "equal protections", and "due process"? While the powers that be have carte blance to watch us throughout our daily routine, has anyone bothered to ask Who Watches the Watchmen?

Let's be frank, and make an effort to unveil the illusion of justice, freedom, and liberty through utilizing and applying current technologies while accepting a participatory role in looking out for our fellow human's civil rights as "guaranteed" by our national Constitutions and the Geneva Convention.

Have you seen a police officer hit someone unjustly with a baton? Or just sat by while someone was arrested for no legitimate reason whatsoever? Now you can do something about it... Micro-technology has presented us with a mixed blessing. Mobile phones can take photos, digital cameras can shoot video, and spy cams can remain undetected. Why not turn a discriminating eye on the Watchers? Then why not post the results?

Through documenting abusive behavior and corruption in action, this idea will take advantage of the viewer trend set forth by reality television programs, such as Cops, then turn these ideas on their heads.

Seeing that we're now living in an age where a partial fusion of Orwell, Huxley, and Moore's ideas have come to pass --- such as when blanket surveillance inhabits our daily lives; when people who we associate with are evaluated and suspect; when sedation through mind numbing and soul deadening jobs along with consumerism, addiction, and gratuitous entertainment fuel our need to escape from the mundane; and when the fear of the other, of terrorists, of war and of disease reap complicit silence on a grand scale --- why not apply currently available technologies and trends to a good use and cast the spotlight onto the shady behavior of those who are entrusted with our safety and well-being?

Upload your mobile phone image, your digital camera jpeg, a descriptive mini-DV frame, or a security camera still. These images will contribute to a visual database that intends to point out the foibles and fallacies of our less than ethical public servants. Whether it manifests visually as a transaction, an interaction, a contradiction, or a piece of evidence... capture it then post it here.

Our motto will be "to surveil and project" in an effort to reintroduce honesty, fairness, equal protections, civility, and checks and balances in an attempt to manifest an open and civilized democratic society.

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