ɹnoɯɹɐdsıɹɔ 11:03pm, 10 October 2012
I came across a number of photos of Warrington on a site at a couple of days ago. Then it dawned on me that they had all been lifted from flickr, even quoting flickr usernames as though they belonged to that site. Unlike sites using the flickr API which link back to the original photo on flickr, this site was hosting the images on its own server with no affirmation of the ownership of the photographer. They even state in their T&Cs that all IP on the site belongs to them unless licensed by others. Then they present the photos with no reference to whatever licence they were uploaded under.

There are of course others on this group whose photos were on so I suggest, if you care about such matters, you check it out. To be fair, when I sent an e-mail asking for my photos to be taken down they were off the site in a couple of hours. But it seems that the majority of the content of this site is just photos that have been stolen from us to suit whatever end they have [a "community project" was the site owner's justification]. They should be asking us for permission to use the images, not the other way round.
Racklever 6 years ago
What license were your photo's under ?
ɹnoɯɹɐdsıɹɔ 6 years ago
All rights reserved!
I have just looked at '' and found that there are about 100 of my photos in the gallery, together with personal profile information copied directly from my Flickr account. I have now emailed the site asking them to remove my images and profile information, so we'll see what happens. As I pointed out in my email, I'd probably have given them permission to use my images, if they'd only been polite enough to ask for it!
I have had no response to my request to remove my images and profile information from ''. Having looked at this website again, the latest 'news' item is 2 years old, so I suspect that the site is not being maintained. I have reported the use of images without permission to Flickr as abuse.
GeeEmBee PRO 4 years ago
Hi All,

Myself and my dad have found the same. My dad has had his removed. However after a few emails and two weeks going by my photos are still up there.

My photos are set to not be downloadable on Flickr so presume he's used flickriver or something as all my tags etc are with the photos.

Regardless of what license you have them under on here, they are still your intellectual property so people should still seek permission to use them (which he did not). Same as you Shaun, if he had asked I would have said yes.

Also, in the websites T&Cs he states that he is 'the owner and licensee of all intellectual property rights in our site'.

I've threated him with legal action today (as the wife knows a solicitor who specialises in media)
GeeEmBee PRO 4 years ago
Just an update, having advised him I'd be taking legal action (which I had started to enquire about) he has just emailed me to say that my photos will be removed this evening (will wait and see).

The solicitor I contacted told me there is a way of individuals putting claims through without the need of a solicitor (and not having to pay their fees) called the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court Small Claims Track which deals with issues like this.
Shaun the grime lover PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Shaun the grime lover (member) 4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback! It took several days, but the site administrator eventually took my images down just as I was pondering what to do next. I was thinking of contacting other Flickr users whose images appear on '' via Flickr mail, since they are probably not aware that their images have been used without their permission. If they post images of Warrington to this group, they will hopefully view this thread at some point
A further update to this topic: I recently looked at again, only to find that they have they have used some more of my images, again without my permission. To have used someone's copyright images without permision once could possibly have been an innocent mistake, but to do it again can only be deliberate! I have asked them to take the latest batch of my images down and never to use any more without permission, but my hopes have been lowered :-(
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