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NJClicks 3:21pm, 5 December 2011
I joined this group this morninig. I only spend 3 months a year in the WA5 neck of the woods due to work.

Joining a local club isn't really wothwhile
My main weapon is my 50mm as it forces me to move my feet.
When I move my feet I see new things.

I'll never shoot a wedding.

I've got all day tomorrow free- Where should I aim for?
@HotpixUK -Add Me On Ipernity 500px Posted 7 years ago. Edited by @HotpixUK -Add Me On Ipernity 500px (moderator) 7 years ago
I am a bit late seeing this, but I would suggest (depending on the time of day) some of the following:

1) Follow the Mersey westwards along the canal/trans Pennine trail
2) Runcorn Bridge from Widnes side
3) Warrington Peace centre
4) The 20m-high Dream statue, which is sited on the former Sutton Manor Colliery

So, no brides or grooms in that lot!

Hope you did something with your camera, rather than did a Golden Square with the Xmas shoppers.

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