Zoltan Molnar 9:07pm, 1 August 2011
...who is from Warrington, sometimes likes going out somewhere taking pictures for fun about various themes.
Actually I prefer taking pics about people but I`m also interested in landscapes or cities and architectures as well.
I live in Warrington from July 2010 and since then I still don`t have any friend who has same interest with me and who doesn`t mind that I`m from Hungary and I can`t speak English as well like a local person.

Here is an another album by me: www.panoramio.com/user/3586778
Hi Cay'man,

You would be most welcome at Warrington District Camera Club - www.thewdcc.org.uk

We meet every other monday right through the year and are a very friendly bunch. drop in and check us out.

Zoltan Molnar 7 years ago
Anyone else for a short going out at anytime? :)
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