~_Matty_~ 3:59pm, 3 October 2010
Can I suggest we start a monthly competiton? - It would test our photographic ability in different subjects. For instance, a topic this month could be "Nature at work" you would then interprete that in your own way and publish only one photo per month. At the end, we could nominate a judge, or we all take turns at voting and tally up the score.... It will keep our photographic abilities active and provide monthly challenges ensuring you get out and use your camera!

I'm more than happy to arrange and setup - please reply if you're interested.

Warrington Guardian - you could use these winners each month in your newspaper as a spread - and potentially, you could come up with the monthly topics and small prize (like a book on photography etc..) I think the readers would enjoy it and it would bring more attention to the flickr group as new members could join that wanted to enter the monthly compo.
Caza_No_7 PRO 8 years ago
mathew, great idea! To start things off why don't we re-run the last comp on here - for the Warrington flickr group photo?
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