Warrington Guardian 11:50am, 5 August 2010
Hello everyone,

The Warrington Guardian is looking to collect together photographs that reflect Cheshire at its finest, whether that is amazing architecture, country fields, historic sites or anything that has a 'wow' factor.

Photographs will be published on the Warrington Guardian website and may also be used in a forthcoming publication (full credit will be given for any photos used).

If you have any suitable photos then please either contact me on Flickr or email our web editor directly at kerry.cardy@guardiangrp.co.uk


Warrington Guardian
johnintheuk 8 years ago
Do you have any more details on the "may also be used in a forthcoming publication" part?
Warrington Guardian 8 years ago

There are thoughts of publishing either a hardcover book, or a glossy magazine style one-off publication, with photos of Cheshire, depending on how popular the in-paper photographs prove to be.

If it was to happen it wouldn't be till 2011 and nothing will be decided until the popularity of the in-paper section can be judged.


Warrington Guardian.
johnintheuk 8 years ago
Would photographers whose work is published in the book or special magazine receive any payment?
Caza_No_7 PRO 8 years ago
kerry, no disrespect intended but the guardian is a bit behind the times. Having a photo "published" on your website is not really floating my boat. Instead why don't you skim through the following flickr groups and approach the photographers. Warrington, cheshire, stockton heath, grappenhall. There is some amazing talent in these groups and the guardian should open its eyes and run a double page spread to recognise this talent.
Warrington Guardian 8 years ago
@Caza_No_7 Kerry is our web editor (hence why her email address is used) however I'm not her. I just wanted to clear that up as I can see why you would think she is writing these posts.

Publishing photos in-paper, as a feature, is certainly part of the plans and my original response to johnintheuk does mention the decision on producing a hardcover book depends on how popular the in-paper photographs prove. Currently we publish photographs as part of our letters page but it's generally only one photo a week and we want to expand this.

We will be looking on Flickr for photos to include. However, the likelihood is that we wouldn't find every great photo that's out there and starting a topic in a group such as this helps us to get more photographs.

@johnintheuk I don't know what the final decision on payment would be for photos used in a book / special magazine. Being honest, and based on previous experience, the usual practice is to give full credit for photographs but no payment. This is a decision that rests with the publishers though and I have no input or sway in their decisions.


Warrington Guardian
davek52 8 years ago
Can I also point out that, contrary to popular opinion, most of Warrington is in Lancashire? For confirmation, I suggest checking out the "Friends of Real Lancashire" sites.
At the time of the re-organisation of administrative boundaries in the early 1970's, the media was full of messages that "the traditional county boundaries will not be affected", but they have spent the subsequent 35+ years trying to convince people that they were changed.
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