Racklever 12:48pm, 8 June 2010
The first ever annual Warrington Photo Walk will be on Saturday 24th July 2010 at 1pm. Meet at Market Gate (the crossroads at the centre of town)

The best photograph of the day gets a book on photography by Scott Kelby.

To sign up go to this link:

I have also set up a Flickr goup for photographs taken during the day and for people to ask any questions::
dennisdominator14 8 years ago
I'm away I'm afraid, hope the day goes well though, look forwards to seeing the pictures on my return. :-)
UK_Greg PRO 8 years ago
What will be the format of the walk?

Will there be an organiser and a chosen route etc.

will someone be there who is knowledgeable on Warrington and be able to show us things of interest that we might never have seen before?

It would be great if we could get permission to enter some unused buildings (Like the Carlton Club or Garnetts Cabinet factory)

(The museum is being worked on at the moment - I might see if they will let me into their archives to photograph the corridors....


are there any old cellars.

I bet there are some great sewer type tunnels under there....

I will do my best to be there at 1pm
Racklever 8 years ago
I am the organiser and can give any information about the basic history of Warrington. I have just tried to put the approximate route on the website.

If we did any unused buildings then we would have to wear hard-hats and asbestos masks so that is probably out of the question.

I am open to any suggestions.
dennisdominator14 8 years ago
Turns out I'm not away after all, so may ber able to make it!
Racklever 8 years ago
Good, the more the merrier.
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