Caza_No_7 PRO 9:42pm, 9 April 2010
Hi All,

Has anyone got a mannequin I can borrow for a few weeks? I'm trying out some new lighting techniques and can't get the kids to stand still for more than 1 second, so messing about with lighting angles and diffusers is a non starter with them.

Also, I'm sick of running back and to between being photographer and model (does anyone else do this or is it just me???).



p.s. I wouldn't recommend using the kids as light stands like I did yesterday in Parrs Wood! When they found the button on the strobes that fire the flash they ran off into the bushes laser beaming each other...which I guess if kinda cool if you're a kid but pretty irritating for me when I'm trying to experiment with flash!
UK_Greg PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by UK_Greg (admin) 8 years ago

Are you after a 12" artists version
Dancing Mannequins (GESTALTA) by JSDesign

or a full blown shop one?
Mannequin shop by DodgeMedlin

I think we might have the small version in the attic
Caza_No_7 PRO 8 years ago
Life sized ideally mate.
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