If you have an opinion on this one

Warrington Warburton Cantilever MSCC Bridge, Cheshire UK by @HotpixUK -Add Me On Ipernity 500px

Please click on it and leave a comment if you can be sure which one it is.

the shot is a scan from about 20 years ago, but I am unsure which one it is.

Incidently if you have any old images of Warrington, please feel free to add them to the group. Recently I unearthed some forgotten gems like the old Odeon ( ) during a clearout.

You might well have some old gems lurking as prints or slides, share them with us 8-)

UK_Greg PRO 8 years ago
According to this website

Nine road bridges were constructed by the Ship Canal Company. Seven were low level swing bridges and two were high level fixed span.

The two fixed span Bridges are Latchford and Warburton

Having compared your photo with this one,

(See the curved metalwork over the road)

I recon its Warburton Bridge.

I just looked on Google Maps and I can even see the Pylon

(Click Link below)

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Hebbsphotos PRO 8 years ago
It does look like Warby Bridge
davek52 8 years ago
The supports are wrong for Latchford cantilever, but I've only seen Warburton Bridge once from the water and that was 20 years ago!
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