davek52 12:19am, 14 August 2008
I seem to be the only one actually posting pictures on this site now. Is anyone viewing these photographs? Is anyone else interested in the amazing views around this area nowadays?
Just to expand the horizons - can anyone tell me more about this place I have recently taken over, as the only info we have is very hazy about pre-1700, but some of the interior walls are wattle and daub.
noisy apparel [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi Dave, You seem to have joined the group at a quiet time, during the short time I have been a member it has been relatively busy, I can only assume many people are on holiday and those with children may be busy with family shots. Don't be despondant I am sure you will see some action soon, Brian
feigned credit [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by feigned credit (member) 10 years ago
Yeah I've been away for a week and off again shortly, so my photos have all been of elsewhere. I reckon I'll get a few of Warrington in the Autumn/Winter.

Also the weather has been absolutely awful and I guess we've all had less opportunities to get out and about with cameras.

davek52 10 years ago
Thanks guys. It does seem to a quiet time all round. I've spent a lot of time just photographing St Elphins and the locality - within running distance of shelter!
davek52 10 years ago
So busy, I'm reduced to posting photos of events and occurences in my pub! Still trying to get out and about enough!
visionthing64 PRO 10 years ago
I was going to try to get some pictures at Lymm Dickensian Day today, but at the moment it's throwing it down. I might take a wander down later.
gazedd 10 years ago
weather hasnt been good at all around this area recently.
visionthing64 PRO 10 years ago
It's horrible this weekend, but I've really been enjoying the very bright frosty days that we've been having around here.
davek52 9 years ago
Update: 4.04.09
The weather is superb, it's Grand National Day, there are loads of opportunities for excellent shots and I've got two broken cameras!
There is no justice!
J o h n n y 9 years ago
i've been away all year but im here till sept now so i'll try to get some good shots to put up
philipgmayer PRO 9 years ago
I live in Liverpool, so that's my excuse!
There do seem to be a fair number of photos in this group that seem to have nothing to do with Warrington.
Perhaps a little pruning is in order.
Guy Hatton 9 years ago
I have removed a few that seemed to be of Leigh, St Helens, etc. recently - no reflection on the quality of the images, just their relevance to this group. Will try to keep an eye on things like that!
I have just posted to say I will spread the word in the Warrington District Camera Club I am on the committee of. Hopefully a few of our members will submit some pix to add to the great Warrington images here.
philipgmayer PRO 9 years ago
I like Warrington.
I'll make another visit and post some photos.
visionthing64 PRO 9 years ago
Many thanks for that!
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