the_nana_jackson 9:04pm, 11 October 2007
and where was it taken?

My google keeps coming up with a photo of a street with rowhouses on the right .. a bus coming toward the camera .. a railway bridge (looks like) further down the road .. and a tall smokestack!

Great picture .. combines so many elements ..

My Google only tell me "Warrington pictures" ..
Guy Hatton 11 years ago
Do you mean the one in this thread?

The identity of the photographer is not known, the picture was taken on Liverpool Road, near Sankey Bridges.
the_nana_jackson 11 years ago
I have no idea which thread .. I only wish I did .. it combines so much that's British .. the double decker bus, the row houses, the arched railway bridge ..
Guy Hatton 11 years ago
The picture I'm referring to:

Liverpool Road, Sankey Bridges (undated)

has all the elements given above (bus coming towards camera, row of terraced houses to the right, tall chimney, but no arched bridge - so maybe they're not the same after all.
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