Spirit Helper 4:03am, 24 October 2006
Hi . My name is Elaine, I was born in Warrington and lived there till I was 21, from there I now live in Michigan USA.. My parents still live in Warrington in fact on a street called Warrington Road. My Grandparents lived in Padgate and Leigh. I was wondering in anyone has any pictures from these towns, or on Warrington Road.. The school I went to was Wolston. I am hopeing to return to Warrington for a visit in the spring time,it has been many many years ago that I was there. Thank you to all, and have a blessed day.
Guy Hatton 12 years ago
Here's one from Leigh to get you started:


and there's also a Leigh group, though to be honest, i think people over there just aren't trying hard enough yet :-)


I presume you've seen the three Padgate pictures already:

Spirit Helper 12 years ago
Thanks so much, my Grandads house was on plank lane.
jeff_leigh 12 years ago
what year were you at Woolston? I went to bewsey school but knew a lot of people from woolston?
Spirit Helper 12 years ago
mywarrington Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mywarrington (member) 11 years ago
Hope you like the Golden Square artwork photos. When I get round to it I will add some pictures currently on my website about the town - www.mywarrington.me.uk. In the meantime, go there and see what I've got. Gordon
the_nana_jackson 11 years ago
Padgate? That's near Gorsey Street, isn't it? I used to know a family who lived on Gorsey.. Betty, Jack and Geoffrey Molyneux .. Betty was married to Tom OBrien and worked at Burtonwood .. Jack played soccer .. Geoffrey was much younger and still in school .. their mother, Gladys, was what's euphemistically referred to as "a home-maker!"
the_nana_jackson 11 years ago
Oh RAF Padgate .. those are the people who attach themselves to RAF Burtonwood!
the_nana_jackson 11 years ago
Who took the picture of the double-deck bus, the railroad bridge (I think) it's just passed over .. and the row of "rowhouses" beside it? .. I keep looking for it .. it's on my google "screen" thingie and keeps coming up, but i can't find it anywhere on the Warrington group! Although my google screen thingie does identify it as being in the Flickr Warrington group!
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