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  • Wabi Sabi Photographers wanted

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on an eBook about Wabi-Sabi. I am looking...

    Augen | Blicke27 months ago0 replies

  • tao music

    hi list! Composers from around the world show their own sound interpretations...

    nanako_noise43 months ago1 replies

  • how do you define wabi sabi suki?

    I do think that wabi sabi suki is a concept many people especially in the West h...

    studio-d44 months ago45 replies

  • Do you know what is real wabi sabi?

    Do you know what is real "wabi sabi"? Prof. Imai explain about wabi sabi in th...

    murakami.yoshifumi51 months ago3 replies

  • what do you think of this?

    long shadow

    i witness photography75 months ago0 replies

  • 1000 members

    Cool. Its taken 4 years. Cool.

    king weave75 months ago1 replies

  • Comment logo/icon

    I would enjoy it it we had a comment icon to post with our comments to images he...

    BossBob5083 months ago4 replies

  • Sanctuaries, a photography exhibition by Éric Dupuis and Sol Lang at Arts...

    Sanctuaries, a photography exhibition by Éric Dupuis and Sol Lang at Arts Sutto...

    Mary Bogdan88 months ago1 replies

  • wabi sabi extinct?

    I read a post from a long long time ago by a bloke called 'Red Horse' (his post ...

    king weave88 months ago8 replies

  • is this sabi?


    i witness photography90 months ago0 replies

  • Wabi Sabi Blog

    Hello everyone..... just wanted you to know I have started a wabi-sabi based ph...

    PHOTO/arts Magazine91 months ago1 replies

  • Am I getting it?

    I've posted some pictures here over the past few days, and I'm not sure they emb...

    jshook97 months ago3 replies

  • hello new to group

    Hello, I am new to the group and happy in finding you all. These photos are incr...

    jennifer daylight97 months ago2 replies

  • admin

    How do people think this group is going? Have you any ideas/problems that you w...

    king weave98 months ago1 replies

  • Japanese Aesthetics - Iki

    Dear friends, You might be interested in the group about Japanese Aesthetics ...

    slowing down of the pace103 months ago1 replies

  • book in english

    there is a book in english about this I think it is called simply Wabi SAbi. ...

    "Unknown Heartist"111 months ago2 replies

  • please give me feedback

    hi everyone. I am seeking feedback as to which if any of these posts are wabi s...

    "Unknown Heartist"113 months ago3 replies

  • art-poems group seeks wabi sabians

    hello wabi sabians ! please join my group art-poems add a poem, quote or hai...

    "Unknown Heartist"114 months ago0 replies

  • a strange definition

    I appreciated the definition in the last post and it clarified things greatly fo...

    sean o mac114 months ago2 replies

  • flower pics

    are flowers wabi sabi? well, i think they are classic images of beauty which ...

    king weave116 months ago2 replies

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