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Loua ADMIN April 15, 2009
I have started a blog which includes food photography tips and experiences. If you are interested please check it out!

Group Description

PLEASE READ!! I would like this to be the best Food Photography group on Flickr and in order to achieve it I am afraid I am going to be very ruthless!
I invite you all to submit your best food and drink photographs while I maintain an autocratic right to delete those I don't feel meet my exacting standards! Also I will try and offer constructive criticism on pictures that I feel could be improved. Imagine you are a professional photographer submitting to me as art director!
There aren't really any rules - you can add as many pictures as you like - but try to be self critical. I am hoping to see pictures that are well lit, properly colour balanced, and of attractively prepared food, th esort of pictures you would expect to see in print in magazines, books or advertising. Beyond that - let's see what happens!
To set out my stall clearly I will state that I am a professional food photographer and before that an art director of a major British food and lifestyle magazine, so do know the skills required but am not slavishly attached to one style or technique. I do know however that all disciplines in photography are subject to constantly updating fashions and moods and hope to see your pictures in as many idioms as possible.
I have no intention of being a brutal critic or capricious judge - I would just like to see one group on Flickr that meets my criteria for good, contemporary food and drink photography - without compromise. I will try to give reasons for failure when time permits but you may find your pic removed without a reason being given.
Be bold and submit as many of your images as you dare - and see whether they survive!

I am updating the rules a little - no more than three pics a day (I want your very best) and no series of similar images - make a decision about which is best! (If you don't I will : ) )
There have been a lot of images submitted recently which are not really 'photographs' at all. Although of food that may be excellent to eat they are really just snaps - taken without real attention to composition or lighting or colour balance. I am looking for more than that - and I will do my best to comment -

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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