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Please remember our rule. All photos must be VQ1005 VQ1015 VQ2005 or genie III photos. These should show SQ Tech. Co.,Ltd SQ908 MEGA-Cam in the EXIF data for camera.

New rule added. Buyers and sellers must now post to the new(Buying & Selling "Official Place To Advertise or Inquire") topic.


  • STICKY  Take a moment

    Take a moment to look through the pool now and then. The VQ1005 and its variant...

    Whatknot77 months ago1 replies

  • VQ1015R2 Firmware

    Hi, I purchased a new VQ1015 R2 but the original website is down , if anyone ha...

    sa05631126 months ago0 replies

  • the missing link for firmware 0556 farm

    Hi everyone, looks like no one has posted anything on this board for a while.. I...

    TATAT.41 months ago1 replies

  • VQ Maintenance

    Hi everyone! Just a note about keeping your Vistaquest camera working. Last s...

    vistaquest chicago55 months ago1 replies

  • So when VQ1015 R3

    Hi all, Anyone has any update on VQ1015 R3 to share? Has been sometime and lo...

    WootSK8774 months ago0 replies

  • Installing Firmware

    Whenever I try to change the firmware on my camera it doesn't work. I follow eve...

    anitayjona84 months ago3 replies

  • VQ1015 R2 Color Video

    Hi Just wondering if there was a way of shooting video in color on the R2, I sa...

    dmacdermott94 months ago0 replies

  • VQ1015 Entry R3

    I know I'm very late with this and maybe you're all aware of this already, but I...

    Robin Schroder94 months ago6 replies

  • VistaQuest Keychain Cameras and Eye-Fi?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience using Eye-Fi SD cards with the VQ-1...

    theba_boy95 months ago1 replies

  • VQ1015 R2 Help, please?

    Hello, I got a VQ1015 R2 in July this year, took a few shots, but one day I acci...

    heidizzzzz98 months ago0 replies

  • Pictures on tv

    Has anyone else manged to connect their camera to a tv? I've connected mine t...

    Maestro™101 months ago3 replies

  • with or without built in memory?

    I just got my camera and can't figure out which one it is, it's not the 0811 sta...

    anitayjona102 months ago0 replies

  • V1015 entry, make your own firmware

    Searching online for information about the VQ1015 I found this little software t...

    Joz3.96102 months ago13 replies

  • firmware 0906 doesn't work on my VQ1015 Entry

    Hello guys, I can install the B&W firmware but not the 0906 you can find here...

    fosla102 months ago2 replies

  • Buying & Selling "Official Place To Advertise or Inquire"

    Buyers and sellers advertising anything should post to the this thread ONLY. ...

    Malevolent Teddy Bear102 months ago32 replies

  • VQ1005 / VQ1015 Films!

    Dear all, I love using my Vistaquest cameras to make short films (despite the...

    Robin Schroder103 months ago0 replies

  • eazzzy and fuuvi-pick

    I was browsing for digital toy camera and found this cute usb- digital camera by...

    zuperdzigh103 months ago2 replies

  • i cant find my photos in my sd card

    hello hello i have a vq1005, it have been working fine with me but today i w...

    noel.neinei103 months ago1 replies

  • VQ2005 or VQ2000?

    I'm currently trying to decide between the two cameras and cannot choose. There'...

    mooshrimp104 months ago2 replies

  • Kuro digi?

    Hello, Do you allow photo's from the kuro digi on here?

    Ben Innocent104 months ago0 replies

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