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John Bosma ADMIN June 1, 2008
This public group is dedicated to Volksrods: Cool Volkswagen Beetles conversions to a fenderless Volkswagen Hot Rod or a better single word: Volksrod!. If your picture is deleted it wasn't the Volksrod we are looking for.

Group Description

Volkswagen Beetle conversion job to in Hot Rod style a.k.a. Volksrod.

Wikipedia says the following about the Volksrod:
'Volksrods are modified Volkswagen beetles. They are used as an alternative to traditional hot rods and are quickly growing in popularity. Classic Ford Model T's and Model A's are becoming more scarce and more valuable. Consequently, their expense has made obtaining and modifying one not feasible for the masses. Because of this, according to some, hot rods have lost that sense of rebellion and have become stale.

As an alternative, the Volkswagen community has turned to the volksrod. The volksrod starts out as a traditional Volkswagen beetle. They are cheaper, easier to find, and easier to find parts for.

One popular method of the conversion involves removing the front and rear fenders of the beetle, and then installing a classic Ford front axle to move the wheels forward and give the car a low, stretched look. After that it's finished off with a chopped top and a flat black paint job. Another popular customization is to move the stock Volkswagen axle beam forward or reverse the trailing/torsion arms and re-work the steering linkages. But as with all types of car customization, lots of different modifications are practiced in different combinations.'

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Group Rules

The vw bug on my picture has NO fenders (or is very, very, very cool).

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