Cassi-Rose 12:05am, 25 September 2010
Hope someone can help. I bought the leather Leica camera case when I bought my V-LUX 20. It's a beautiful case but it comes designed only with a belt loop. I want to wear it cross body, messenger style, like I do with my other camera cases and can't figure out how to do this so it looks decent enough to go with the case. There are no places to attach a strap.

I've thought of D rings under the belt loop and attaching a strap to that or maybe even a piece of leather with grommets to attach a strap but that's as far as I've got. Has anyone successfully done this? Or have an idea?

Mailogutah Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mailogutah (member) 8 years ago
 by Mailogutah

Here is how I hang on to it on my neck. Leather braided phone strap. Can you imagine I forgot it during flight and got returned by the airline's lost and found. Lucky me.
Cassi-Rose Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Cassi-Rose (member) 8 years ago
Lucky you. And how do you attach the phone strap to the leather case?
Mailogutah 8 years ago
my handy v-lux 20 tripod setup with a manfrotto by Mailogutah

just like how you would attach the hand strap included with the camera
Cassi-Rose 8 years ago
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