alanwatsonforster 1:02am, 23 April 2018
Hi everyone,

Over in DPReview, I'm trying to understand the serial numbers of my Vivitar 19/3.8. It looks like the third and fourth digits are the month number (not the week number) and the last four digits are an index within a given month:

I have 13 serial numbers, from my own lens and from Google image search, but having more would be great. If anyone would like to help, please reply here or send me FlikrMail with the serial number (or just the first four digits if you're not comfortable sharing the whole number), the mount (e.g., C/FD, N/AI-S, or M/MD), and whether I should keep your serial number private.

Thanks very much!


George in Georgia USA 3 years ago
My Vivitar 19 mm manual focus has the PK-A/R mount and bears serial number 90072813
alanwatsonforster 3 years ago
funkydeez2000 2 years ago
My Vivitar MC Wide Angle 19/3.8 has an M42 mount, serial number 91106044
I hope this helps
alanwatsonforster Posted 2 years ago. Edited by alanwatsonforster (member) 2 years ago
Thanks, Demetri.
nrb0nrb 1 year ago
My Vivitar MC 19mm/3.8 has a Nikon AI-S mount and its serial number is 97111906. I use it mostly in a Canon 5D.
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