Bus stop man

Szabolcs Ruczui 11:55am, 16 February 2010
1 by Szabolcs Ruczui

2 by Szabolcs Ruczui

3 by Szabolcs Ruczui

4 by Szabolcs Ruczui

5 by Szabolcs Ruczui
arvind k 9 years ago
BlueRidgeKitties 9 years ago
Great story! I love it. It has a "you can make things happen if you really want to" message to it.
Szabolcs Ruczui 9 years ago

That's right, that's the main point of it!
timlewisnm 9 years ago
great story... was gonna link the movie but thought maybe that should be your call.. thanks for sharing
Szabolcs Ruczui Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Szabolcs Ruczui (member) 9 years ago
thanks tim!!! yes, the 5 photos are from a photo-storyboard video, made for one of my shortfilm.

the BUS STOP MAN by Szabolcs Ruczui

You can find some of my other videos on my YouTube chanel:
Líyå 9 years ago
wOoOW very beautiful !!!!
internal reading [deleted] 9 years ago
Does that really work? I'll need to try it! :)

Very cool story!
{Elisabeth} 9 years ago
Wow!! Great story.
Szabolcs Ruczui Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Szabolcs Ruczui (member) 9 years ago
Ocediis! It worked for me! :D
internal reading [deleted] 9 years ago
Great! I'm making my sign now.
muddled hobbies [deleted] 9 years ago
a different D.I.Y.
Fine Line Hine 9 years ago
Great story!!!
Szabolcs Ruczui 9 years ago
Thanks guys for the great comments!
nbinienda 9 years ago
Really cool and clear story!
Msbea3 9 years ago
Great story and video!!!! (I like your YouTube Channel too) Thanks for sharing all this
Szabolcs Ruczui 9 years ago
Thanks for watching!!!
Msbea3 9 years ago
My pleasure! :D
chardeenly 9 years ago
so cool. amazing story
Photography by Odille 9 years ago
Excellent concept and execution
Szabolcs Ruczui 9 years ago
Abdul Haseeb 9 years ago
Excellent . I think this is a perfect example of a photo story. The pictures explain themselves. And the story has a very good moral as well.
Migdalis 9 years ago
Muy inspirador!!!
me gustan las imagenes, no necesitan ser explicadas!!!
internal reading [deleted] 9 years ago
Congratulations on winning the best story for February!
Szabolcs Ruczui 9 years ago
¡Muchas gracias!
pterandon 9 years ago
fuzzy chin [deleted] 9 years ago
great strong story!
annajmorgan80 7 years ago
love it!
Fiona L Hammond 7 years ago
great!! when there is no way, make one!!! :)
¿algenonQ? 7 years ago
really strong story. love the optimism and fun of this.
lemank 7 years ago
great idea!
Zaf. 7 years ago
Haha! Perfect idea combined with amazing photos! 7 years ago
What made me laugh was the 3rd frame where you have the "others" join him :-)
Atelier GeSp 7 years ago
Everything is perfect.
imran_3050 7 years ago
gr8 work /// bravo
S.Tabassum 7 years ago
Brilliant story..Smple approach made the story wonderful.
pdsn 7 years ago
Very cool.
Szabolcs Ruczui 7 years ago
thank you guys for the amazing comments!!!
- Gingertwist 7 years ago
This story certainly brought a big smile to my face. Very nicely done.
Alaskasalmonwildjerky 7 years ago
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