nightingai1e 6:12pm, 3 October 2006
SPedigrees 15 years ago
A good argument for the direct approach!
Gale's Photographs 15 years ago
Great story..LOL....I like the movement and expression in the photos...
stellaretriever 15 years ago
This is really good. I think I know that guy.
An eye on my world! 15 years ago
lol! i can imagine my boyfrnd reacting in the same way altho this is intended to be a story!!
pterandon 15 years ago
Ha! And I've been the guy who puts the arm around, in response to a queue, only to get snickered at.
beckerpecker 15 years ago
Funny! Well done. I like the way the point of the story is made.
bhphotoworld 15 years ago
well done story!
love the look on the girls face!
swaggyp 15 years ago
Very clear... sometimes no clue works... and they have no idea...
J. Star 15 years ago
Lol, that is hilarious. Nicely done!
Kathleen_A 15 years ago
these stories are getting better and better, and this has to be one of the best. The looks on the faces are priceless..the story, perfectly told with no words... Great much fun...
tylerdmassey 15 years ago
This is really funny...
whole frog [deleted] 15 years ago
It's interesting how the "communicating" guy is wearing a pink shirt. :) Funny all around!
honma Posted 15 years ago. Edited by honma (member) 15 years ago
Hehe great! ROTFL :-D
dumbledad 15 years ago
This is a good one - her expressions are wonderfully over the top but make it really work as a short story
Alex Buhl 15 years ago
really funny :)
robherr 15 years ago
great story! well told and and nicely constructed.
wq2006 15 years ago
Great story. Great acting!
mturnage 15 years ago
This is the best one yet in this group. Hope it gets posted. Totally tells the whole story.
Typhanie 15 years ago
I really like this. Very well told, and very easily understood. That's a situation that's universal. Well done.
mturnage 15 years ago
I was hoping this would get lots of votes. Am adding another comment to bump it to the top.
MarielosP 15 years ago
istolethetv 15 years ago
hehehe. very awesome.
Beaver w/ a Toothbrush 15 years ago
I really like this too, the last frame cracks me up with the sweater just sitting on top of her.
the_banshee 15 years ago
Hahahahhahahha excelent story!!!
Sehar Atif 15 years ago
haha... nice approach. She could have been more direct about it.... isnt it?
Louise Lefort 15 years ago
Très sympatique, histoire bien rendue,

Nice story short and sweet.
noxious bulb [deleted] 15 years ago
This is such a sweet story! I like it a lot!
PhotoBill629 15 years ago
torbengee 15 years ago
Hehehe ... great!
Trans-Media 15 years ago
>5475< 15 years ago
good one :)
--Steve 15 years ago
Very well done!
nickoseaksansothy 15 years ago
if you really feel cold in a movie theatre, it's better to turn on the central heating than receiving a dirty stinky sweatshirt of your boyfriend.Look now how embarrassed she is; as a caring person, she couldn't even get rid of it & will probably has to have it around her for hours for they have decide to watch " Le Mahabharata" :)
noahnikon 15 years ago
Cute--expressive faces!
Reset Reboot 15 years ago
Yeah, it's great and very expressive. I think it's really an international history. Evryone from every point of the world would understand it.

Good Job!
molliiieee 15 years ago
I love the boyfriend's face at the end! It seems to say, "I did good. I rock."
scuddy 15 years ago
i don't get it. She's cold so he did good & gave her the sweat jacket. He's a good monkey, but in trouble.......

poor guy. i feel his future pain.
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