queen's lace 1:36pm, 8 July 2006
there is a real story behind these but it they made me think of another common story. If you want to read the true story it's in my gallery. Thank you for looking.

oh no!


what is up with her!
J. Star 11 years ago
Lol!! What perfect capturing--he's curious when he walks up to her, dubious when he glances at her, and her mood has clearly worn off onto him after he's passed her. Great work!
crowolf PRO 11 years ago
These are awesome!
mariab3bx 11 years ago
Terrific, and so many ways to interpret the boy's last reaction.
zooeybat PRO 11 years ago
Typhanie 11 years ago
These three frames are just so well caught. We get so much out of each one. And that last one is especially striking. I'm impressed.
pterandon PRO 11 years ago
When I say leave me alone I don't mean leave me alone!
arvind k 11 years ago
Her shoes ! :) They are different in each foot.
queen's lace 11 years ago
Thank you!
Arvind K Francesca snuck out with those shoes on! She knew we were going for a walk and I had told her to put on her sandles but being one of five she knew when mom's distracted..... good thing it was a really short walk we were going on.
winnie_t05 11 years ago
It seems the girl in wrong shoes was very disappointment with the boy who passing by and ignoring her crying. What a poor girl, she just needs someone comes to her and comfort her a bit.
queen's lace 11 years ago
LOL Winnie read the story in my gallery it might comfort you if the photo is bothering you. :) She's in the middle of a full blown tantrum.
je suis une princesse 11 years ago
i saw it and really enjoyed this serie when i first saw it, but no time to comment soooo well.
good job !
and of course, it would'nt have been that good if weren't true !
that was a good reaction from you to shot at this time.
moreover, lots of mystery, you can think a lot's of things about why is she crying, why is he ignoring her (i fisrt thought they didn't knew each other, the little boy just passing around)
petite corneille 11 years ago
Oh, this is probably the best story I've seen in a very long time!!! :D
heather_hickory [deleted] 11 years ago
too cute
margarita azucar 11 years ago
amazing capture. this is hilarious.
beckerpecker 11 years ago
What a great story! Love it.
Hotash 11 years ago
Very well told.
Ivenhoe 11 years ago
"Girls!....Never know what is their problem...!?!"
Facing North East 11 years ago
hahaha. Very Funny.
noonespillow [deleted] 11 years ago
Haha, gotta love their expressions!
Clever Poet PRO 11 years ago
Perfect ~ his face tells it all.
Gespür für Licht PRO 11 years ago
my favorite from all Ive sen by now.
I must do it with people
yeimaya 11 years ago
I am fascinated by the writing on the boards and by the curl of his fingers.... it shows that many ways men and women communicate are started so young! Great series.
I really like the touch of the words on the bridge.
laurazb 11 years ago
cute story and beautiful colors.
vixcampbell PRO 11 years ago
Great story- really made me chuckle!
Lost in Scotland PRO 11 years ago
Boy: Oh gawd, she at it again....darn it...wommen...I'm not givin you another credit card...

Girl: But I need new Prrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaddddddddaaaaaasssssss

Boy:...Walmart....$29.99 go fot it...
queen's lace 11 years ago
Thanks everyone!! I really appreciate the kind comments. These made me laugh too. Kids are the best for making you laugh!
The Common Wanderer 11 years ago
I love this. Such a complex range of emotions in just three frames!
chastingsb 11 years ago
I'm amazed at how beautifully they are wearing their emotions. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!
PiperJon PRO 11 years ago
WOW! What else can I say? - Pj
Michael - B [deleted] 11 years ago
This is awesome. What I like best is his expression. If it was socially accepted I guess every man would still do as he did... walk past her... and frown.....
mturnage PRO 11 years ago
Priceless! They have no clue how huge of a truth they accidentally enacted. Thank you for capturing it and sharing it this way. Priceless!
SPedigrees 11 years ago
I really like this series, but I count only 3 images.
Typhanie Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Typhanie (member) 11 years ago
While the group name states five frames, the moderators have said that stories with less than five frames are fine to post as long as they follow the guidelines.

Edit - I double checked myself with the rules in the group description. The first rule is "Submit a sequence of up to five photographs that create a story."
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